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Maggard standard 2-band vs SHD 2-band

I have a handle that takes a 30mm knot, and I'm trying to decide what to put in it. I'm leaning towards a two band because I've got a bunch of silvertip knots, and at that size, I think silvertip will eat up way too much lather. The two band hairs should provide a little better flow through, give me the backbone I like, and still be soft enough. I'd really like to get a fan knot to primarily face lather with this, but the only fan they sell at that diameter is the SHD. I'm looking for sort of a luxurious experience so I'm leaning towards the SHD, but I don't know if at that size, it'd be overkill and end up hogging the lather regardless of hair type. For those that have experience with both of these knots, which would you go with and why?
I only have a SHD. It is a DENSE knot.

Does your opening measure 30mm exactly?

The SHD knot is listed as plug size. You will have to add about 1-2mm for glue bump.

I purchased a Maggard's SHD 24mm and the brush handle opening measures 26mm.

I would contact Brad and ask if that is the case with his regular 2 band knots.

If that's the case, they do sell a Regular and SHD in 28mm. Certainly not trying to persuade you in either direction as I do not have experience with the Regular 2 band. Just saying there may be options.
Derek at Wild West Brushworks said the bore is 32mm to accept a 30mm knot, so I'm pretty sure a 30mm is what I need. How do you like the SHD in terms of backbone, softness, and flow through?
I have a 28mm SHD in a vintage CH3. It is very dense and scrubby. I like to use it if i havent shaved for a day or two...especially if i havent shaved for 4 days or more. It is soft but it is so dense it is better for more hair growth imo. Mine is a lather hog but i have too much soap anyway.
I have one of the Maggard SHD knots with a 28mm bulb shaped knot in a 29mm bored handle. I love the brush, but the knot, once bloomed, is massive. I cannot imaging how big a 30mm knot would be, especially if you get a fan knot.

If I had known how much the knot would expand after blooming, I would have dropped back to a 26 mm knot. However since you already have your 32mm bored handle, you are pretty much committed to a 30mm knot. If you do get a 30mm SHD knot, expect a HUGE knot that holds a ton of lather. You might be better off getting a regular density two-band or silvertip. I do love the feel of the gel tips on my SHD knot, however.
Thank you guys, this has been super helpful. I think I might just stick with their standard density 2-band. I don't want something too massive (although 30mm will be big regardless) and I want to minimize the lather hogging. Plus, at 30mm, a bulb shape will give a bit more precision to a massive knot (as much as it can, anyway).