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Maggard Razors - new soft soap

I recently received a email from maggard saying they are now carrying artisan soaps made for them from someone in northern michigan. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of these as of yet? They started with 3 scents Limes & Bergamot, Lilac and Orange menthol. If anyone has tried any of these yet which scent and do you like it. I am pretty cautious with scents unless I can smell them before hand, I don't want to lather up and have a hard time breathing haha :lol:. Thank you for the insight in advance.
The folks at Maggard are great to deal with. Maybe ask them to slice you off a sample and throw it in with your next order.

Aren't Mikes natural soaps out if MI?
I'm awaiting an Edwin Jagger 89 with that new 3D handle I ordered from them. I was very impressed by the way I received a phone call back just minutes after leaving them a message. And the e-mail follow through has been outstanding. I too am looking forward to some reviews of these soaps. I have some creams coming but am not familiar with "italian soft soaps".
My exchanges with Maggard have all been top notch. They make online shopping a personal exchange. Excellent service.
I'm awaiting an Edwin Jagger 89 with that new 3D handle I ordered from them. I was very impressed by the way I received a phone call back just minutes after leaving them a message. And the e-mail follow through has been outstanding. I too am looking forward to some reviews of these soaps. I have some creams coming but am not familiar with "italian soft soaps".
If not, then you need to try some. The RazoRock Classic at $5.99 is a great deal, and any of the RR soaps that have Argan oil are awesome. Proraso tub soaps are nice, too. I especially like the eucalyptus menthol.
Section 1 – Rant
Section 2 – Products
Section 3 – Method/pictorial
Section 4 – Results/commentary
Section 5 – Price breakdown/cost effectiveness of product/s

Section 1 -
I began fondling the haft of the shaving badger apparatus starting with the crown. I commenced working the wet blended mix from the cube (to create saponification for you morons out there) with protein emollients to thicken the paste before I cut it. I toil at my hand and mash the bucket of my Simpsons Polo 12 (bow down to me plebeian’s) silvertip badger shaving broom apparatus. I am covered in dookie-smelling “slag”– and I don’t know why. At this point – just as I prepare to cut the shaving terrain with my steel I hear a loud thunder as my thesaurus explodes and encompasses my house in a hellacious ball of fire.

Reading some of these RMWS/Method Shaving diatribes makes me want to find a little puppy and choke it to death. For god’s sake dumb it down for some of us college educated folks. It isn’t so much the wording, or that lack of understanding which prohibits me from reading these “graces” but the absurd and intentional over complication, fluff and banter littered throughout RMWS/Method shaving writing. It is called a god damn razor, it has been called a razor, or double edge since its birth, why in the blazing *****-twister are you calling it the “steel.” Sorry cowboys, it’s a razor, and “slag” is wet *** lather. “Protein Emollients” is slippery *** stuff commonly known as “hydrolast shaving paste.” There are no complex procedures, no smoke and mirrors and no “terrains, steel, breeches, etc” the whole method shaving process can and will be (keep reading) explained in plain English with VERY simple, easy to follow instructions – end of story. Do you get the impression I am annoyed? Damn straight. These stupid over complications, retarded vocabulary words, and simply moronic lofty claims scare away a volley of chaps from trying a really first rate product(s) and method – which delivers EXACTLY what it claims to. A marvelous shave. Yeah – I said it, method shaving works, and it works beautifully, and Charles Roberts puts out exceptional products that offer high value (see breakdown further into review) and one product I feel to be the finest in the world in its class –I simply cannot imagine there being something even remotely on par.

I think what really tipped the scales for me, and what REALLY pissed me off most was chatting with Charles Roberts and Adam Mendelson. Anyone who thinks either one of these guys is off their rocker – I suggest you give them a call. You will be horrified to learn, not only do they speak English, but they are both incredibly nice and helpful, and both have a genuine interest in your positive results. No b/s over complication, just direct, straightforward assistance, lessons and kindness. Anything negative I have ever said about Charles Roberts (the man) I wholeheartedly take back – however anything I have said about his writing I stand firm on. I’ll calm down now, but I just had to get that out… it is such a shot in the foot to overcomplicate this method shaving business, as I think it has drastically restricted its user/fan base and developed somewhat of a “black sheep” association with RMWS fans.

Readers digest version. Both CR and Adam are first rate gentlemen, who I hope to build much stronger relationships with. Gentlemen – thank you for your dedication, hard work, generosity and time.

Now down to business.

Section 2 – Products

Simpson Polo 12 – Don’t need it. PJ2 worked a little better, and shavemac worked best. You could easily method shave with any halfway decent brush. Worst case scenario, you have to add a bit of water to the brush after the 2nd or 3rd pass.

The Cube – Different from Marseilles olive oil soap. Actually smells like feces when just opened, however the scent dissipates and can be overpowered with enough shaving cream. Works incredibly well.

Cutting Balm – Like no other jojoba oil I have used. Very light, leaves your skin feeling exceptional (wouldn’t recommend for VERY oily skin) and works a lot better than PSO for touch and cut.

Hydrolast paste – NOT a shaving cream. Does not lather at all. Smells mediocre in sandalwood and decent in peppermint. INCREDIBLE lubricant, and is best used as you would a preshave, or as an “additive” to the brush. I got the best results with the cube, a small swipe of English shave cream, then a blob of hydrolast.

Summer Sage Tonic – Works great, and smells exceptional. Best smelling product from CAR I have tried.

Aftershave Moisturizing cream – Best/most economical, most efficacious moisturizer/balm I have ever used – bar none. Hands down MUST have. Smells like whatever added scent and olive oil or something. The peppermint scented moisturizer has an incredible “cooling” effect, most “in your face” cooling effect I have experienced.

Section 3 -
RMWS/Method shaving is very easy to explain/show.... take a look

Everything you will need (substitute razor/cream/brush if you desire)

Step one place brush and "cube" in the sink

Run sink...

Fill up sink half way, covering the cube and brush with water

Let soak for at least 30 seconds.

Pull out brush and cube

Mash the brush against the cube (pic is not fully mashed) and vigoriously scrub the cube. Clockwise, switch directions then counter clockwise - anything to destroy the brush more - makes better lather :D

A few scrubs (note brush would normally be pushed down more however I had to take my hand off of it to take the pic)

Overhead look after a few "scrubs"

Polo 12 "cubed" out

Swiping out some Taylors Lavender

Adding cream to brush

Scooping out hydrolast and adding to brush

Mash the brush into your palm

"lock the breach" or squeeze some of the stuff upwards to bring water/lather up to the top of the brush - then stand swirling and building lather on your hand.

Overhead shot of lather filled brush

Side shot

Overhead again

Two swipes on my hand with lather shodden brush

Aftermath of cleaned brush.

Section 4 -
Methodshaving works... very...well. Not only does it provide incredible lubrication, it also drastically improves the quality of your skin. I tired methodshaving for the first time at night, after having previously butchered myself shaving WAY too fast with a feather artist club RG earlier that morning. Get this... my face looked BETTER after 7 or so passes with with methodshaving setup than it had looked before I had started the shave! This really caught my attention. After shaving, spraying some tonic on your face, putting this much...

a/s moisture cream on your wet face, and spreading it across your entire face (forehead, neck, the works) leaves your skin feeling simply amazing. My skin is so amazingly soft, clear and smooth, it is shocking, and it has only been a week. I attribute this to the moisture cream as I had a few other people try just the cream and they had exceptional results like mine.

Bottom line: If you are JUST interested in attaining exceptional results, look no further, Method Shaving is a shortcut to A+ shaves. Your skin will love you.
On the downside, method shaving, at least in my opinion is not all that fun. It doesn't "excite" me, and I do not look forward to the morning shave as I do with more fragrant creams. Even with a potent english cream, it is muddled with the "earthy" CR products, so it cannot stand out in its full glory. For me, the actual smoothness of the shave was not superior to using my standard methods - methods I have acquired with about 2 years of experience, trials and errors. With the exception of the moisture cream, none of the other products were simply "must have" BUT for a one stop shop, instruction/direction on attaining a perfect shave without investing tremendous time, there is no other choice save for method shaving. I am stunned how effective and easy it is, and have a lot more respect for method shavers, and now understand their excitement. For those with cronic problems, method shaving must seem like a god send.

I will most definalty purchase some of CR's products... more than likely the whole line in due time. Simply superb products. I would be more inclined to purchase/use the "cube" if it were scented to take away some of the "stank." Again, the moisture cream is a god send and a must have.

All in all... method shaving gets two thumbs up from me!

Section 5 -
CR's products are actually not that unreasonable at all - as they are quite concentrated, and last a terribly long time. The 2 products you use most of are the 2 least expensive - $15 4oz tub of shaving paste and $12 for an 8oz bottle of a/s tonic. Both quite reasonable.

"The Cube" is not marsilles soap - it is Charles' own concoction - nonetheless it is a very dense soap and will probably last at least 6 months and at $10 I think that is reasonable.

The 2 products that are downright pricey are the $35 cutting balm, and the $35 moisturizing cream. The cutting balm (which is not like any other jojoba oil I have used) is a 4oz bottle. You use about as much as you would with Pacific shave oil. PSO is $7 for 1/2 oz, so the equivalent size of PSO would run $56 - for $35 ain't too bad a deal. 4oz of cutting balm should last QUITE some time! The moisture cream is $35 for 2oz, however you use a lot less moisture cream for your whole face than you would use for just your shaving area with Trumpers skinfood. A 2oz tub of CR's moisture cream would last me well over a year.

Addendum – The cutting balm’s implementation within the “method” was not discussed, so the following is an explanation of its use.
After having made your “cutting form passes” or your standard shaving routine/passes, wet your entire face thoroughly with warm water and apply a small amount of cutting balm to your entire face. Feel around with your fingers as you apply the cutting balm, and take note of the areas with stubble still present. After having applied the cutting balm, wash your hands (it is slippery stuff, and you do not want a cutting balm coated hand holding your razor) then proceed to shave against the grain in the needed areas. The cutting balm is “thick” and will not allow the razor to travel as quickly, and does a beautiful job protecting and nourishing your skin from the harshness of repeated “razor buffing” against the grain. After you are done touching up, simply splash a touch of water on your face, spray your face with the tonic, and apply a touch of the moisture cream, and once dry – you will have incredibly soft, healthy skin! Give it a week for these products to really show you what they are capable of!

Note: You can simply apply it to one or two small “problem” areas, or areas you have found to have a touch of stubble after having been shaved, however it is HIGHLY beneficial to apply a small amount of the cutting balm to your entire face, as it simply does WONDERS for your skin, especially when coupled with the CAR A/S moisture cream. You skin will be softer, and feel more magnificent that ever before.
Nice let me know what you think
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