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    My name is Dow, I'm 36, originally from Texas, but now residing in WA state. I was on submarines for 10 years, and now am a trainman working for the railroad. I used Bic disposables in high school, and a Mach 3 my entire time in the Navy, and periodically for the last 10 years on the railroad...coupled with Barbasol spray cream and skin Bracer aftershave.

    I inherited a few old Schick injector razors that were my grandfather's, and an old beater Gillette safety razor...used them off and on over the years, but without any commitment..a mistake until recently. I threw the Mach 3 away, and the barbasol...and started using the old injector razor with Arko shave soap...and my God...what a difference! Was the best shave I had ever achieved. Smooth as silk during and after the shave....with NO razor burn what-so-ever! I was tired of the price of the Mach 3 blades, and the razor burn, I have fair skin.

    Several years ago, I also inherited my great-grandfather's, and great uncle's straight razors and barber's hones. I didn't know how to use them at all, but a guy at work collects razors, and he helped me get started. Cleaned and sharpened my old ones up, and even sold me a few old ones he had restored himself, including a Rolls razor. I used these razors for about 6 months, stropping them before and after...but finally they became dull and needed a honing, which I didn't know how to do, and my friend had moved on. So, I put the razors away and kind of forgot about them. I'm ready to use them again, and would like to learn how to hone them properly on the barber's hones I have, they should only require slight maintenance to get a sharp edge again.

    Anyways...that's who I am and where I'm at. Hope to make some friends here and learn a lot more than I already "think" I know! Glad to be here. And....I'm a Jerry Reed nut!


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  1. You're VERY lucky to have a buddy who can hone a straight razor. Probably the trickiest shaving skill there is. Congrats on the gear, some sweet razors there.
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    Welcome to B&B, Dow.
  3. I don't think he has access to the guy who honed them anymore. though it was probably nice to have initially.

    I think barbers hones are a crap shoot. I have one that I've never used for no odd reason, but everything I read seems to say it could be hit or miss depending on the brand and age (deterioration).

    I see its an Austrian Swaty and Keen Kutter. Swaty's definitely has some variability (country origin, 2 or 3 Lines, fake).

    I'm no barbers hone expert, but I hear they typically max out at 8K-ish, which may or may not be the finishing you need for your comfort. I've been watching this thread out of curiosity My shave results; edge comparisons.

    the Big But is you may need way more than the "refresh" provided by a barbers hone. check this thread

    good luck!
  4. Thanks Jon. friend moved to another railroad terminal and I no longer see him. He did condition my razors for use initially, and I used them, but they need maintenance now.

    I have read the same info about the hones, I just dont know enough about them to be able to tell if they are worthy of use. I posted in the hone section, hoping to hear from some experts. I'm wondering if a 10k or 12k stone would be what I need instead?


  5. Welcome to the club, Dow. Glad to have you aboard. Thanks for your service, and be sure to check out the Foxhole Shavers club in the Clubs and Brotherhoods forum. Also, stick with your injector razors and Schick blades--you'll be very happy with them.
  6. Welcome aboard!

    Be sure to check in with the guys on the straights forums.
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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for checking in and sharing your experience. Don’t forget to check in with the guys in the Straight Razor Forum, they would love to hear from you.
  8. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Welcome to B & B Dow, enjoy!
  10. Welcome to B&B. Looks like to have a collection of heirlooms to shave with.
  11. Good for you, Dow. You drop that money-hungry Mach 3 like a bag of dirt and hop on the B & B train, where it's smooth shaving to the end of the line!
    Would that I could teach you about open razors, but that would be like the blind leading the blind, and that sort of thing is frowned upon in these parts. However, the gents in the straight razor forum know it all and are only too glad to impart their knowledge to anyone keen enough to adopt their arcane craft. They will be of immeasurable service to you.
    ps Jerry Reed was one of the greatest guitar players I ever heard, and a damn fine singer to boot!
  12. Welcome!

    Be careful; what you spent on carts is nothing compared to what you can drop on your new hobby if you get carried away! LOL

    Glad you are here.

  13. IMHO.. the Mach 3 is the best cartridge razor.
  14. Never a truer word was said!
  15. Welcome to the forum, Dow !!
  16. Thanks guys! Well...I figure that I buy Mach 3 cartridges 3 times a year, that’s around $60. Times that by 18 years that I’ve been shaving...that’s over $1000. Yikes that’s rediculous...I’ve never figured those numbers before. I inherited a couple razors, and paid $50 for a nice one restored, $30 for another. Inherited hones and shave cups, brushes. Say $20 in different soaps. So...$100 into my new shaving “awakening”...if I can hack it..I’ll be out ahead for sure...that is if I can resist temptation and be content with what I have and not splurge. I’m a father with a young family, so my mindset is responsibility and trying to save whatever $$$ I can now. Hopefully I can resist. :) Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. Glad to be here.

  17. Welcome to B&B Dow!
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    welcome, nothing better than a razor passed down in the family.
  19. If you can really master honing and stropping, get a good brush (an excellent synth can now be had for under 20usd), all you need to buy is soap or cream. If I just used Palmolive or another cheap but excellent European shave stick, it's cost less than 10dollars a year for luxurious and excellent results. For that though, yet you really do need to avoid taking on the hobbyist mindset.

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