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Mac Baren Vanilla Cream

In a previous thread, I asked the forum for suggestions for other tobacco I might like. I had received a tin of Davidoff Blue Mixture as a Christmas gift and really enjoyed it, and hoped that those who were familiar with it could point me in the right direction.

Several guys did just that . . . suggesting some products other than Davidoff that they thought I would enjoy, along with recommendations for on-line retailers.

One of the several suggestions was Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream. I ordered a tin of the loose flake variety, and finally got around to opening it over the weekend.


The aroma was very pleasant on the nose. SWMBO took a whiff of it in the tin and agreed that it smells delicious. We were outside on the porch (our usual smoking locale) and she immediately commented on the fragrance as soon as I lit the pipe.

(She says it is even better than the Autumn Evening that I have been enjoying lately!)

I just finished my fourth bowl of it . . . three different pipes, and pleasantly consistent in all of them. From a well-used Dr. Grabow to a just barely broken-in Peterson System, this blend smokes cool and flavorful.

A very pleasant aromatic, with no unpleasant bite. The lingering flavor stays fresh in the mouth, and a cup of coffee only makes it taste better!

This is a keeper, for sure! Thanks, guys! :thumbup1:
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Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Vanilla Cream is a good one, I don't smoke it often but when I'm in the mood it's always a nice experience.
Will have to try it and compare to DAN Sweet Vanilla Honey Dew, which is one of a very few aromatics I enjoy.

I've had a tough time with aromatics, but I keep trying, as my carbon based spousal unit abhors my cigars and my English pipe blends (could it be the Latikia...... No! Say it ain't so!) :001_rolle
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