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M3: a requiem

So, last night I was cleaning up a little and happened to find an old M3 that had been given to me quite some time ago (before this “classic wetshaving” obsession began) but had not been used. My first thought was to toss it in the trash (where the last M3 I owned went), but I then decided to give it a try – just to see how it would perform now that my technique has improved so markedly. I thought that this mornings shave would be especially suitable, since it was barely 12 hours since I last shaved (late shave on Sunday); you know, I didn’t want to expect too much from the M3. I tried to shave as if everything was normal… I had a nice shower, washed my face, and whipped up a beautiful lather with my newly acquired Taylor’s Avocado (what a heavenly cream!).

To say that I was disappointed with the resulting shave would be an understatement of mammoth proportions. Even with only about 12 hours of growth the M3 couldn’t give me a shave nearly as close and comfortable as my HD regularly delivers (I even used the same number and direction of passes to try to ensure that the M3 was being given a fair trial – actually, I guess that it should have been 3X better, right?). In addition to giving me a notably inferior shave, I found the handle to be too unsubstantial (it doesn’t weigh anything) and the pivoting cartridge drove me to distraction (how can I get the correct blade angle if the damned blades keep moving like that?).

Before I had finished the first pass of this shave I had committed myself to disposing of the ungodly razor as quickly as was possible… I have now done so. To all the cartridge razors in my past (those I have loathed and those I simply disliked) I bid you a fond farewell (fond only because I know that I’ll never have to deal with the likes of them ever again).
Yes, yes. I too have, literally, shelves of the outrageously expensive Fusion Power blades. I'm too sentimental to toss them, but each time I get a twinge of guilt or sadness at the needlessness of those massive plastic and metal slats, I look in the mirror. I lift up my head proudly to get a good look at my smooth, clean bump-less neck. I am then reminded of the reason why those dinosaurs sit in my closet, alone in the dark: because they just don't do a good job. For years I drank sand in the desert because I didn't know there was an alternative. For months I've known the alternative, and I will never drink sand again. Even out of nostalgia or guilt.
I'm sure we have all seen this pattern in our behaviour. I swim with a masters swim club and, on Saturdays, I used to get out of the pool and shave with my Trac II, my shaver of choice for many years.

Now I've been wet shaving for only a couple of months with my Merkur HD, and my attitudes have changed dramtically. I don't yet have a DE travel rig, so I just always make sure I shave at home where I can bask in the luxury of shaving. Now, usually after I get home from the pool.

I don't know that I'll ever use my Trac II again, but there is sits in my grooming kit, along with the almost new pack of cartidges I bought in February.

So, what do I do. Simply doante these to the homeless shelter so someone can get a shave? Throw them out? Keep them "just in case" though I can't imagine what the case would be? I simply don't know.

In the meantime, every new purchase, every new blade, every shave, I thank my lucky stars that I discovered wet shaving and that B&B and the fantastic group of members from around the world were there to fill in the huge gaps for me.

Requiem for my Trac II, I'm working on it - stay tuned.


I never threw away my M3. It just sits there on the shelf. You should see the layers of dust it has collected. :biggrin:

I guess I'm saving it for the big earthquake in case the roof collapses and crushes my Vision, HD, and Slant Bar, yet somehow the M3 survives. I'll pick up the M3, do one pass, look at it and say "F*** it. I'll just grow a beard."
I still have mine and may find a use for it. My eldest son will soon be starting to shave. I have tried to convince him that he should be using a DE with soap/cream and a brush. Unfortunately last year while I was working in the Middle east ....he turned into a teenage monster and will take no advice from his "old Dad". I think I may have to use some reverse psychology. If he sees me use the M3 he will embrace the DE with open arms. Alternatively.....I could just refuse to buy him the cartridges:devil:

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