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    Hi Guys, first post in this forum.
    Looking for a 9mm to be used at the range only and preferably a 5" barrel.
    Had my heart set on a Sig 226 Tacops but held one today and wasn't feeling it.
    Held a M&P CORE and it felt great in the hand. Question is, of the M&P 9's are the 9L the "old" core models?
    The Performance Center M&P 9 Pro series looks good to me but what do I know? Are these pre 2.0 series?
    How long have they been around? Any issues I should be concerned about?

  1. The M&P Pro was the "performance" version of the original M&P series. I don't think S&W has it in production any longer? The M&P 2.0 is the newest version of the M&P series. You will find the 2.0 trigger much improved over older models.
  2. I know from much reading here you have a great deal of shooting experience. I appreciate the response.
    I know you are a Glock fan so aside from that what would be your top 3 - 9mm?I am not interested in concealed carry (Canadian here) it will never be allowed in this Country. A full size model ideally.
    Many hoops to just get a permit here but permit acquired :)
    I plan on getting a 9mm and a .45
    I've already ordered a Sig 1911 Extreme in .45 after handling a Scorpion recently and loved the feel of it. Virtually the same gun but the Extreme has a black Nitron coating which I think is more durable.
    The 9mm will be shot more often and I don't want to buy several - yet.
    Really wanted the Tacops but after handling.... I still will look at the Sig Enhanced Elite, not sure it will have the same feel as the Tacops though.
    It has a shorter ejector than some other models, don't know if short or long function differently.
    Like everyone, I want something well made, very durable and accurate. I don't mind paying for quality but I don't need a 2-3000.00 handgun.
    If you don't mind -with your top 3, reasons for them.
    Very much appreciated!

  3. I am more of a combat pistol guy, so I prefer striker fired pistols that are ugly, accurate and reliable. Being from Canada; which means not only is it frowned on to carry concealed, I would think using any pistol for the defense of self and property would be frowned on also?

    But to answer your question of the three I would choose in order of preference and why "IF" I only wanted it for a range pistol and nothing else:

    1. Glock 34

    Reasons for a Glock.

    1. Number one selling brand of pistol to military and the police in the U.S. and the world.

    2. Extremely reliable, extremely dependable, extremely rugged, extremely accurate, almost indestructible. Easy to load, easy to unload, easy to reload. Easy to field strip, easy to clean, easy to totally disassemble, easy to reassemble, easy to fix, just by easily replacing, easy replaceable parts. Easy to maintain and very easy to function and operate and become good at shooting with it.

    It's low slide design and bore axis, along with it's grip angle, not only makes it one of the lightest pistols to use, but also makes it easy to point, easy to shoot; with very low recoil. Probably the number one firearm in the world with the most aftermarket parts and customer support other then the AR-15.

    3. It's a Glock :)

    2. Heckler & Koch VP9L

    1. It's not a Glock, but it would be the closest thing I could get to a Glock. :)

    2. Other then a Walther PPQ, it has the best grip ergonomics for a striker fired pistol that can be had.

    3. Other then a Walther PPQ, it has the best trigger for a striker fired pistol that can be had.

    3. S&W M&P 9 2.0 Long Slide

    1. Second most popular brand of pistol acquired by police departments in the U.S.

    2. Plenty of the same qualities as the above two, but with a very budget friendly low price the others cannot even come close to competing with.

    3. American design, American ingenuity, American made. This last one makes me want to run out and buy a M&P. :)

    Honorable Mention: Walther PPQ M2 Long Slide
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  4. Just a chime in, but the S&W site says the M&P 9 Pro is no longer in production. Just a thought.

    ARCHIVE: PERFORMANCE CENTER® M&P®9 Pro Series® | Smith & Wesson

    For a range gun, if you like revolvers an S&W is good. I believe the 4.25 inch barrel is the shortest legal one in Canada, but don't know. A 6 inch barreled L frame would be good for range work.

    Model 19 Classic | Smith & Wesson

    Since you're not trying to hold off a horde of Zombies a revolver will make you slow down and not try to "spray and pray".

    Just another shot @OkieStubble. :biggrin1:
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  5. Glocks have ridiculous aftermarket support, so there’s another tick in their favor. And fairly easy to mod if you want/need to (I undercut the trigger guard to fit a knuckle, some stippling). Trigger parts polishing is easy at home if you want to smooth them out. Or just throw part at them to race gun a trigger.

    VP9 ergonomics are great (haven’t shot one), better than glock’s but will have less support, expensive mags, and HK has a rep for not caring about their customers. Ze Germans’ don’t have a great rep for senses of humor. I haven’t fired one. The paddle style mag release is supposed to be intuitive quickly, especially if you don’t have to retrain yourself from a standard button.

    I haven’t touched any M&Ps.

    Revolvers are generally more expensive and you have to reload more often. And they come with a DA trigger.
  6. You’re right, H&K support and customer service is less to be desired. There is an American version of the VP9 with the standard thumb mag release instead of that awkward paddle.

    I found your post accurate and funny about Ze Germans. :)
  7. Thank you all!

    You are correct.
  8. The M&P 9 2.0 long slide is the 5" barrel - correct?
    A little hard to find but located one in dark earth finish. Armorite? Is this a durable finish? better than Cerekote?
  9. Acmemfg

    Acmemfg Contributor Ambassador

    6130ECC0-15FA-47FA-8DED-5A2185343096.jpeg Canadian?

    This is exactly what the Doctor ordered, eh??
    HK is a great pistol. Jack Bauer liked his. I like mine for the most part, but there is a learning curve.
    The P2000 magazine release is...a bit tedious. But using the strong hand index finger it is as efficient and user friendly as anything else out there.
    The rear mounted decocker requires some acclimation time. Again, it works though. Quality and craftsmanship..top notch. They can be spendy though....
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  10. @stone and strop, echoing @simon1, I love revolvers, just used my S&W .22 model 63 tonight to dispatch a skunk. But the rest of my handguns are Rugers. I don't know how you could beat my GP 100 in .357 as a home defense gun. Maybe if it had a 6" barrel instead of a 4"? But then I'd never want to carry it....
  11. I thought I found the M&P 2.0 5" but it was sold out. I can't find one anywhere.
    I really liked the feel of it in the hand and it seems to be well liked. I like the thumb safety too.
    I think this will be the one I will chase so if anyone sees one on this side of the border please let me know.
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    I had to look up Jack Bauer so I now know it's a TV character but that still doesn't change the fact that the Glock and the HK shown in the thread just don't look like anything I'd consider. They may shoot well but like almost all of the popular guns today look more like a Wartburg or Trabant than an Alfa or even a Fiat.
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    CAC03EBA-6516-4FA0-86B1-5B663335E814.jpeg 2C6BB9EA-D49B-42F0-A0AB-0780B391CD30.jpeg Function over flash is a well respected concept in the world of handguns.
    You can have it both ways though....
    Sig Sauer P220R. Regarded by many as the most competent combat handgun ever made...or...
    Browning P35 Hi-Power. An icon. Nothing else needs to said.
  14. As much as I love revolvers, those are beautiful. I'd like one of each!
  15. do you mean Duracote? It is spray and dry to cure where Cerakote is baked enamel. Armorite?
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    Loved my P226 but without the silly rail nonsense. Still have a couple HP clones but sold both the P226 and thye Belgian HP.



  17. Ya, I meant Cerakote. Ive heard it is not the most durable. Never heard of Armornite from S&W but this Particular model is only found with that finish for some reason.
    Nobody heard of it before?
  18. Since they sell the Shield so cheap, I don’t know why I assumed their M&P 2.0 long slide would be cheap also? What was I thinking. $890 is no small chunk of change.

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