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Lupo DC .95 side vs Lupo. 95

While I am content with my Muhle R41 head, I have been trying out other razor heads just to get a comparison of closeness and efficiency for my daily 1.5x pass shave.

It has been too many years since I tried the previous ones to even remember how they shaved. I was also dialing in technique so I had to jump that hurdle as well.

So far I've recently tried-
Baili 172 - meh, might as well be a disposable.
Razorock sloc head - better and closer than baili but didn't care for it.
Razorock mentor head - absolutely zero blade feel but plenty of audible feedback. I was surprised at how smooth it was. If Muhle is a 10/10 in bbs efficiency this is a solid 8, possibly 8.5 if I give it a couple of weeks of use.

After scouring around, the only other razor that has caught my eye is the Lupo DC.

So with it being a dual comb does the solid bar side shave EXACTLY like the standard Lupo .95 head?


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
It's a good razor. Personally, I prefer the Lupo .72 to the Lupo .95. But neither feels particularly aggressive to me...they both feel smooth and safe. I have the R41 stainless steel knockoff, the DSCosmetic Z0, and love it. Super close shaves with it. But, there's no comparison with the Lupo DC...comparing those razors is like comparing a walk through a minefield to a tiptoe through the tulips. But the Lupo DC is a very capable razor and I can get DFS/BBS results from it.
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