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I had seen that OC Dami but I passed since I already am a proud owner of one. IMO, the open comb Damaskeene is even better then the more common Damaskeene. The open comb Dami has very thin blade stops and because of this I tend not to use it much. I doubt that the blade stops will snap off (knock on wood) but they are quite thin. The OC Damaskeene is both a very close and smooth shaver it feels like cheating lol.
Thanks. I have one and liked the boxed model here especially with a stropping device which I have not seen for a Gem. I will probably forward the other one to my son.

I was shocked at getting it for this price, most that have seen have gone for much more.
The seller made a mistake in listing with a high starting price. That's why it went so cheap.
Had they started it for $5 or so there would have been a bidding war.
Very nice, it looks to be in great condition! Sometimes you get lucky on the bidding site, usually by a seller misspelling, having an odd end time or having a high (or any) start price. Either way, I hope it works well for you, please share your experiences with it, I only know the closed Damskenne.
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