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Lucky Tiger

While at Nordstroms picking up a bottle of Lucky Tiger "aftershave and face tonic" (very nice by the way. its is like an aftershave splash but with no alkee-hall or scent, so it goes with anything) I was offered a sample of their brushless shave cream. Not being one to turn down free stuff I took it. Besides, the lovely young lady said OH YOU MUST TRY THIS. ITS SIMPLY TERRIFIC! And I tried it. I squirted twice what I thought I needed into my shave mug, this stuff is realy runny. thinner than toothpast, but thicker than milk. And proceded to whip up a profuse amount of lather. Yes you can use this with a brush.Although the lather felt rather slick, it seemed to brake down very fast.From what seemed to be a nice lather to airy foam with lots of "tiny bubbles" while tiny bubbles may work for Lawrence Welk , they do nothing for me. I think I will pass on this one.
Um. Before you conclude it is useless, perhaps try using it as intended. It might actually be a good brushless cream, even if it works poorly when lathered. I haven't tried it, but as always am interested in hearing reports.
Yup, Moses your probably right I am shure the cream works very well brushless after all that is its intender use. Its just I cannot seem to bring myself to shave without bringing my brush into the action. I should have followed my first instinct and left the sample on the counter but, did I mention the word FREE? oh yea I did. No in all seriousness I am shure it works great brushless but It didnt quite make the transition to the brush very well
Yeah, I can imagine it might not. On the other hand, there are surprisingly many "brushless" creams that do. Cremo-Cream being an excellent example, so it was definitely worth a try. Especially if FREE.:wink:
I bought this on a lark, but rarely use it because I love my brushes. That being said, when I do use it (brushless), the stuff is incredible; it works like magic!

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