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Lucky Tiger Premium Aftershave and Tonic

I have seen this AS on the forums for some time now and it seems quite popular in the SOTD threads. I just recently ordered some for myself and I am impatiently wait for its arrival. What's that they say about as watched pot never boils?

I welcome any thoughts or musings you may have on this product. The one thing I am most concerned about is the lasting power of the scent. I work in a scent free environment and am wondering if this will be suitable as a weekday AS. I love the label by the way...old school...
On me, the scent fades before I can screw the cap back on the bottle. Fades incredibly fast and doesn't even leave a faint skin scent. That shame in that is that the initial citrus blast is really great.

But... it feels amazing on the skin. It's one that I turn to when a shave was a tad rough, or if my skin is dry or maybe a little crispy from too much sun. It's not as soothing as a balm, but it's definitely better than a plain alcohol AS and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky like a balm would.
I have the aspen lucky tiger and I regret buying such a big bottle of it tbh. It works fine but like others have said the smell fades very quickly. So if your looking for a scent free AS this is a brand I would suggest.
I use Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic after every shave... very soothing. Its nice fragrance fades quickly, allowing me to enjoy my splash du jour. Highly recommended without reservation.
Based on your requirements, I suspect you will like very much. I just got my sample bottle and I will probably get a full bottle. Feels great, smells very good for a few minutes.
I agree with the description of the scent and healing properties.

A fleeting scent is a GOOD thing for people like me who work with others in a 'scent free' work place. On weekends, etc. then I can use other AS. An alternative is to pair your AS with an EdC.
I like Lucky Tiger if there is an EDC that I want to use that might clash with one of my aftershaves. Lucky tiger soothes and leaves no lasting scent.
What is a "scent free workplace"? I see this term here and there. Is there a formal rule not to wear aftershaves perfumes or colognes? Who enforces the rule?
Consider it as unscented since it's gone in a second. It's a very mild orange scent while it's in the bottle.

It feels great because of ingredients that heal and sooth your face. It's an excellent product with organic ingredients. Well worth the price and it's a cool looking bottle and logo. One of my favorites. It's also nice to store in the fridge during the summer if you like a nice cold splash to wake you up.


I’m not a fan
I'm not a big fan of using post shave products in general, but Lucky Tiger AS/Tonic is my favorite. I like the fact that there is no alcohol, it's not "sticky", and it's very soothing.

If your looking for scent longevity, Lucky Tiger will dissapoint.
What is a "scent free workplace"? I see this term here and there. Is there a formal rule not to wear aftershaves perfumes or colognes?
Exactly. Some people (including my wife) are sensitive to scents, so the purpose is to minimize their potential discomfort.

Who enforces the rule?
Usually HR. Or whomever "They" are. (As in "They" say you can't do this....)
Many people are sensitive to scents so some work environments are designated as 'scent free.' For example, most health care settings are 'scent free.'
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