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Lucky Tiger Molle???

Has anyone tried the stuff- if so what have your experiences been? I'm after a closer, more comfortable shave at a modest price- scent or lack of is not really a consideration.

I use a Gillette Aristocrat and CVS blades if that makes a difference.

This is my first post after quite a bit of anonymous lurking. :biggrin:


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Welcome aboard. Any relation to guitarzan?

I haven't tried the lucky tiger, but I'm sure you'll get some feedback. I've seen it for around $15 at Whole Foods. At that price point, you can get some top shelf stuff. Still, your biggest improvement may come from a set of better blades.

Have fun and hang on to your wallet.
Hello Guitar Dan,
QED carries Molle Brushless Shaving Cream and also has a nice historical write up on this product on the web site. The owner operator, a pleasant old chap named Charles, also carries Lucky Tiger 3 Roses hair tonic. Call and chat with him. He's very particular and will only carry products that he personally finds efficacious and enjoys using himself.
What soap/cream are you currently using.

I also second the recommendation to try different blades - Derby and Israeli Personna blades are available at very good prices on e-bay.
Mr. G. Dan

I've tried the Molle stuff. It yields a marvelous shave, though it's brushless, and has a non-noteworthy scent. It can be had from Charles at www.qedusa.com for way less than $15. It's kind of cool because of it's history ; that's what intrigued me.

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