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lucky tiger liquid shave?

I have very sensitive skin and am prone to breaking out. How would lucky tiger work for me? any opinions?
I like LT's shaving cream (indeed, most of the LT line) quite a bit--I use it when I'm in a hurry. It's brushless but will work with a brush. Unlike Tony's experience I find the cushion fine and the lubrication better than a lot of other brushless creams. I find the scent one of those anonymous, slightly citrus notes.
In a nutshell:
Tried a sample once and continued after the first pass with my regular shaving soap/cream for the following passes.

The fact that it is brushless does not make it any more attractive in my book, as I enjoy the brush routine before the shave. Using it with the brush (optional) the lather fell short of what I am used to, both in respect of cushion and lubrication.

Not worth spending my money on.
It's orangey with a calendula background. Calendula and lavender are both known for their natural essential oil healing properties. It's not expensive and it's worth a try if you're getting facial reactions.

I have found LT to be very good lather amd cushion if you use a brush. The orange scent lessens when whipped in a bowl with a brush
I though it was aftershave also. Guess I needed to read the labels better. How is the scent?
The scent of the shave cream and tonic is kind of lemony and pleasant, and both have a good soothe factor. There's a whole line of LT shave products: face tonic (AS), liquid cream shave (shave cream), and face moisturizer (balm). The shave cream is mediocre when compared to the lather of the high end creams like GFT, T&H, TOBS, etc. There's also an LT AS called Aspen (menthol similar to Osage rub, but with a hint of spice thrown in).
SWMO brought me home a 'grooming kit' from a trade show with one of each full size product in it. Love that woman!
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