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Moderator Interview - Luc


@Luc has been a member of B&B since Dec 1, 2008

1. Why you decided to join the team

That's an easy one. I thought B&B is great. I want to help keep it that way. Like theater, a lot of things can happen backstage. This is a great community and I'm happy that I can help a bit to keep it going!

2. What you enjoy most about helping the boards work well

Sending the right information to the right place. Having the right piece of information, regardless of the subject, could be priceless. It could change how you do something or if you like it or not. If it helps then I'm happy with that!

3. What are some of the things that you do regularly in the background that most members don’t have visibility to?

I mainly work with the wiki team at the moment to update the information that we have. We have a lot of articles that could help any member on the site depending on the subject. We will also add new articles.

4. Do you have a holy grail razor?

I have a few yes. I still have all my straight razors but I have to admit that I don't use them on a regular basis. I also don't shave every day anymore (I know...). I still try to rotate everything where I can but it takes more time. If I have to pick with what I use, it would be:
Merkur 38C - It's really easy-to-use razor that I never had an issue with. The barber pole handle is a must in my case. I also bought a spare in case mine has an issue but I've been using it on a regular basis for 10 years now.
Injector Type L - I bought that one new. It came in a small tin with blades. It's was NOS (new old stock). It's similar to a cartridge but not exactly. I also tried a few other ones but I keep going back to that one.
13/16 - Rugby - 1072 - I found that one NOS and was able to buy it from a private sale. I honed it and the edge is great.

5. How did shaving become important to you?

I guess it's the ritual. Also, I thought it interesting that a chore became a hobby as I never really enjoyed shaving before.

6. What is your favorite shaving soap/cream scent (kind of looking for scent and not a specific soap) (e.g. barbershop, lavender, Aventus :), aquatic, Fougere, etc.).

I think that it would be a barbershop scent. The first real shaving soap that I used was Wilkinson's Sword. However, when I got serious with wet-shaving, I used Proraso green. While the scent is not overly powerful like some other products, this one has been consistent over the years and I always identify it as a go-to scent.

7. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I would pick something where I can build something or make something. It could be in construction or maybe more toward painting. One of my cousins is a contractor. He often buys houses around me and rebuilds new ones. I'm often lucky enough to get the keys before he removes the old house. I'm finding all kinds of things in there that are perfectly reusable. I often take out the electric panel so that I can re-sell it. In the last house, there was an antique gas stove. I removed a few doors from the bedrooms (they had 5-6 frosted glass windows in them). I found some brand new, unopened ceramic boxes, flooring, etc. I was able to do the floor in my office with the floating floor from the previous house.
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