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Lubricating adjustable & TTO razors

Adding more vintage and modern razors to the den that are either adjustable & TTO like my older Fatboy for example or just a TTO such as my Gem MMOC or MMCP. I was wondering what is the best way to lubricate or oil these type razors to keep the mechanisms all performing smoothly. This is something I have not attempted yet. So any advice would be much appreciated. Also any particular products that I should be looking or any precautions that I may need to be aware of?

Thank you.
I think most people on here recommend mineral oil probably due to it not having a much of a scent. Every vintage TTO I have purchased so far I have put 3n1 oil down the center...the only downside is it has a smell for the first time or 2 of shaving with it.

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I thought I read somewhere that mineral oil was and oil used and you just confirmed that but I've haven't here of using 3n1 but I'll check it out.
Thank you for the info.
I believe that these were designed with no thought on lubricating them. I just rinse really well with hot water. I would be afraid that adding oil would eventually gunk things up.
I believe that these were designed with no thought on lubricating them. I just rinse really well with hot water. I would be afraid that adding oil would eventually gunk things up.
Thats what I've been doing. Yeah I thought about the oil and how it may gunk up things as well. The only razors that worry me a bit are the Vintage Gem TTO models because of age and like my adjustable Fatboy although I had it re-plated so they probably did all the maintenance on it then.
I have disassembled and cleaned a few Fat Boys, I really don't think lubrication is needed at all. They need to be cleaned so that no soap residue builds up inside or between the surfaces that slide. When I have had troublesome razors that function poorly lubricant and or penetrating lube like PB BLASTER did nothing to solve the problem, soap scum and hard water build up don't care if the metal is lubed.

I think lube (3 in one or sewing machine oil...even WD40) are only beneficial or necessary if you've disassembled the razor and are putting it back together.

My suggestion for care would be to keep them clean and soak periodically in hot water and dawn dish soap and vinegar (not necessarily at the same time but it wouldn't hurt.
I should have been clearer in my post. I only put sewing machine oil in older razor that I have bought. I had one Red Tip, for example, that was difficult to open even after it was cleaned. Two drops of sewing machine oil and it worked perfectly. On new razors I see no need - although some other folks do.
Shaving soap contains metallic stearates ( Na & K). So does soap scum(Ca).
Metallic stearates are excellent solid lubricants & are added as extreme pressure additives in commercial lubricants & greases.
Oiling the razors for the purpose of lubrication can be somewhat superfluous.
Oiling for corrosion protection may not be.
Interestingly enough, the combination of soap scum (Calcium stearate) & mineral oil creates a water resistant grease.
So a drop of oil in the razor should last for months.
Calcium stearate based greases are sold as open gear grease compounds where there is a requirement for lubrication in wet conditions.
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I now use clock oil, the kind they lubricate the movement in old mechanical wall clocks. It comes in a handy needle dispenser and it's specifically formulated not to attract water, I would also venture to guess that as old clock movements are out of brass like many DE's, it's especially suited to the task.
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