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Loving Rapira Swedish Super Steel

I have used Rapira Platinum Lux and Voshkod in the past and liked both but still went back to my Feathers and 7 O'clock blacks. Today I loaded a one of these in the Era and made a extremely enjoyable and very comfortable 4 pass shave. Normally a 3 pass shaver but since I had left over lather I pulled a fourth. The Swedes felt smooth like a Voshkod but much sharper like a Feather. The Platinum Lux are also nice sharp blades but they seemed a little harsh on the first use. Had 35 or so of the Swedes in the drawer just hadn't gotten around to trying today. Needless to say I ordered a 100 pack this afternoon.
Love Swedish Super Steel blades......very underrated blade IMHO. I find them plenty sharp and very smooth. They work well in all my razors which is a bonus.
When I was using modern blades they were on my list of top daily blades.
Super Iridium’s, 7 O’clocks, Silver Blues. As good as any of them in every measure and much cheaper.
For some reason the Swedish Supersteel does not perform well for me. I was surprised because Rapira Platinum Lux, Rapira Super Stainless, Voskhod and Ladas all work pretty well for me. Perhaps I got a bad lot? I have tried several blades in the tuck and tried several different razors and they all are really rough right from the first use. I might buy another tuck just to confirm since so many members have positive reviews. In addition it is rare for me to struggle this much with a blade regardless of brand, this is a mystery.
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