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Loupe getting you down?

I have had several magnifying glasses, and I currently have a 30x microscope from radioshack for checking my edges.

I was looking to buy a loupe, in either 10x, 15x, or 20x.
So I was at Harbor Freight, the Toys R Us for DIY'ers and people needing a disposable tool.
They had a multipack of loupes, from 2.5-10, but crap lenses, warped plastic.
I look over, and see a "jewelers loupe" with two lenses, and a clip to go on the earpiece of safety glasses. $4.99. 3.3x, 5x, and combined to 16.5x :biggrin: (Item # 94364 )

So I buy it, and head home. Only problem is my safety glasses are AOSafety wrap arounds, and the lenses couldn't physically go in front of my eye.
So, I break out the dremel, and "modify" my glasses.
I drilled a hole right in the bridge, undid the clip end nut, pushed the shaft of the loupe in, and locked it down tight. It looks goofy as all get out, but it works! 100% hands free (other than pulling down the lens/es)

Mmm, wipe that lense before you think there are scratches on your blade! Your thumb got on the way! :biggrin:
It's clean now. :001_tongu
I wouldn't have trusted something like this from Harbor Freight on my own. Very interesting.
At $5, it was a small gamble. Not the best way to go about it, but it works.
Very little distortion once you have the focal length dialed in. (very short BTW)
I would still like to get one of the handheld ones, like this that I can take with me on straight razor hunts:
Just noticing that the nut used to fasten down your loupe seems rather large. hope that doesn't make a dent in your bridge of the nose.
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