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FSOT Lots of vintage Gillette

I'm looking for the following:
-Gillette Bulldog
-Gillette Sheraton
- Bottom dial Fatboy (I know, who isn't looking for one)
-Instructions: Toggle, Executive (50s), Aristocrat(s) British and US, Ranger Tech...well LMK what instruction sheets you're willing to part with...
- Shippers! For any of the above, then again for that matter, LMK shippers you're willing to part with.
-Cases: Monobloc

For trade, depending what you have to offer, one, some, or all of below:

Also have a toggle case, no insert.

Trades preferred to selling...
Prices (shipped) :
Toggle case $80
Executive case (rough) $75
Diplomat $55
Bostonian $55
The New $45
Tech travel set (brown leather, missing comb and zipper pull) $30
Single ring traveler $100
Far Handle Tech in box $30
Pocket edition cases with techs $35
F1 Fatboy in case (cracked case hinge) $70
Khaki set without mirror $35

If I missed something LMK, it's alot but I think I covered it all.


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