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Lots of trouble with Silvertip holding on to residue

I've used my silvertip about three times and everytime after using it i try to clean it out well and when it dries out the tips of the hairs are hard with shaving cream, I never had this problem with my pure badger brush and I cleaned it the same way. Thanks for the Advice in advance!

All the best!
It is not shaving cream residue, it should be all out since you rinse it out well as you said. Some brushes have very thin hair, or hooked tips and this leads to the brush drying in clumps. Nothing wrong with this, just brush the brush over your hand when it is dry and the hairs will separate.
I've noticed this on all my brushes, with all different soaps. If you ruffle the brush a little after it's dried, it comes out. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm reasonably sure it's not cause for concern.
A good rinse after a shave is really good for the brush. Some of them dry crispy, this is fairly normal.
Sounds like you have a gel like tipped brush or at least a very soft one. Enjoy your good fortune :)

Which brush is it?
Rudy's advice is right on the money...I will add that occasionally the brush should get a dip in Mar-V-Cide or Barbicide to keep it sanitary.Every now and then a shampoo with Ship-Shape will help clean the hairs,get rid of residue deep in the knot,and help to prevent clumping.Cleaning and disinfecting are 2 different things.
I agree with the others who say its no big problem. When I grabbed
My Saville Row last night, it was crunchy. Minute or so soak and it was fine.

One other thing though-if you have hard water, it is possible to build up
Is possible to build up enough enough minerals that it actually makes a previously soft brush go scratchy. When this happens, I shampoo or wash with dish soap, rise well, then soak in vinegar for a few minutes. Then rinse again to get rid of the smell. I don't think you need to do this if your water is soft
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