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Lots Angeles

Are there any Los Angeles members here? Have there been any meetups in the Los Angeles area?

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I'm in Los Angeles and yes, there are meetups here. They have been less often and farther away since Old Town Shaving closed in Pasadena. The owner used to host them from time to time. The ones I know about are organized through a Facebook group called SoCal Wetshavers Collective. There is an annual meetup in Riverside (about an hour east of LA), in July, which will be the fourth one, I believe. No date yet, as it's early. I've also been to meetups in Huntington Beach and San Diego over the past few years.
Has anyone thought about a meet in the LA area? I think it would be great to get to meet some of you. I live in Bakersfield but would be willing to drive to LA. I would just need like a month notice so I can make sure to save the money and make sure I am not having problems with my med issues.
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