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Lot of razors to wade through

I've been buying individual razors here and there for +/- $20 whenever I get a hankering for another. I decided to see about lots of razors to increase the amount of bang for the buck.
Found a lot of 10 razors that had only one razor that was clearly not salvageable. I figured for potentially 9 useable razors the price was right so I bit on it. The non salvageable blade is pretty obvious whit it missing literally half the width of the blade.

The first I wanted to tackle was the Torrey as I've never owned one and have seen so many people say that they love them. I just used the brass wire wheel on my rotary tool to clean up the few rust spots and polished it up with mother's polish as well as the scales...didnt need to unpin it. I did use a dry scotchbrite pad to clean the gunk from between the scales. It honed up really well and gave a really close shave. Bevel angle is a little steep at 19.1

I'm now working on the Ek-Sel which I'm not sure is even a brand and it has zero other markings whatsoever, but the chip needed taken out so I spent some time on the DMT325 and I was surprised how quickly it came out. Bevel angle here looks about 16.3ish degrees. I'll have to post some pics once I get back to work on it a little more.

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Nice cleanup of the Torrey. IMO its about the only razor worth salvaging out of that lot, maybe the wooden scale one too but thats about it.
Nice cleanup of the Torrey. IMO its about the only razor worth salvaging out of that lot, maybe the wooden scale one too but thats about it.
Yes the Genco in the incorrect faux wood like you said but also the Clauss is definitely gonna be saved...I have several Clauss razors and they're all great shavers.
Those 3 alone though are worth at least what I paid for the lot.

The others, we'll see. There will be a few that won't take much to get them shaving again...heck most of what I own probably "weren't worth saving" but I can't complain about the shaves from any of them.

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Another small cheap lot just came in...I swear this is it, I have to stop...

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The 2nd razor I picked was the Ek-Sel which I've only seen mentioned in reference of Case and Sons razors but there are no other markings other than a 19 stamped on the tail.

It had a decent sized chip so I wanted to see how quickly I could hone the chip out. The DMT 325 made short work of it. King 1k then coti w/slurry diluted down to plain water and was not seeming to get any better with the FOFT. Spent some time on my finishing coti since sometimes the HHT just doesn't happen on the midrange coti I use. Still nothing.
Went to film 5, 3, and 1u...tree topping still weak.
Grabbed my SB ark and did some descending sets heavy handed half laps as I had been encouraged to try on the arks. It woke the edge up a little more but still weaker tree topping than I would normally shave with but proceeded with a shave anyway. Not laser sharp but plenty comfortable enough to shave with.
Will experiment with a few other finishes and see if I can't get it a little better but overall not a bad razor.

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