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Lost The Functions Bar At The Top Of The Messages Area, Bold, Italics, Etc

Unsure if this is just my PC or a wider issue.

The Functions bar at the top of the new message field is greyed out.

I can post basic messages like this, but using bold, Italics, emojis, links to media etc are all disabled.

Also it is affecting the Attach files button. It lets me go to my photographs, but when I attempt to download them to the message screen as a picture, it just produces a script link.

My PC seems fine otherwise. I have restarted the PC and done a disc cleanup and checked for any obvious issues.

Never had this before. Any thoughts on this problem?
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Did you somehow turn on the BB Code thingy? Click that little square brackets thing a couple times.

You may have accidentally turned on BB code. Look for an option under the top bar menu called "Toggle BB code" (looks like a pair of square brackets).


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Tap/click on the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) at the farthest right in the functions bar. This should display the double-square brackets ([ ]) symbol. Tap/click on the double-square brackets symbol and all should return to normal for you.

Tap/click again on the farthest right vertical ellipsis to clean everything up.

There is a fault in the board's software that turns on BB code without you touching the double-square brackets symbol. I have not been able to narrow it down to what causes this but it does happen occasionally without you knowing.
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