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Lost my best little friend today

Some ten years ago we rescued a Chihuahua mix, and we named him Federico Barktholomew de Chihuahua, or short Freddie. He was probably something like 3-4 years old at the time. He was the ruler of the house, but when taking him outside our house and garden he became very insecure. He looked at me every third step to make sure I was still on the other end of the leash.
Two years ago he developed a heart murmur and was put on some medications for it. His heart did not improve, and two weeks ago he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and the vet gave us a rough estimate from a few months to maybe a year and a half. He started to cough more and more and was put on a diuretic. So good, for a week he was OK. But he started again Friday to cough. Today it was quite bad and did not want to eat at all. So we called the vet and got an appointment. About the time we had to leave, he acted weird, like he has a problem walking, wobbly etc and i picked him up and we went.
At the vets, I took him inside and when i was putting him down he collapsed right on my foot. The vet put him on the table and said that he had a massive stroke and was not responding at all. Within three or four minutes he died peacefully in my arms. Vet said that he might have had a smaller stroke when he started to act weird earlier. We loved him so much, and we will miss him badly.
RIP little buddy!! I will see you again!!
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