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Lost in Personna

Recently the local 99cent store as been stocking their shelves with Personna DE blades.. They look like a much different package then what I'm use too.

Here is the one I get once and awhile:

Is there a difference in performance? :blink:
The Personnas in the black & red package in your pic look like the ones stocked at Wal Mart, where they retail at least at my store for $1.76 for a 10 pack. I use those blades uniquely and they work very well for me. So if you try and like them this could be a great deal.
If the Dollar store packages are marked that the blades are 'comfort coated', they're really good blades. I consider the modern Personna blades to be quite good.

-- John Gehman
I think that there has been previous threads regarding this discussion. It is pretty confusing since the Personna name is owned by the " American Safety Razor Co." or ASR. One of the oldest names in shaving. It seems that ASR has licensed the Personna name to one or more companies that manufacture razor blades in foreign countries, chief among them Israel.

I have used the Platinum Chrome Personnas (blue package) almost exclusively, since starting DE shaving. I buy them five pkgs at a time at my local dollar store. the blades with the fully enclosed, white plastic holder are made in the U.S.A in both package colors. I have noticed that there is a different looking blade holder arriving at the Dollar store recently ( more open on top, with silver insert) these Personnas are of Israeli manufacture, I haven't tried these yet but most members here hold the Israeli made blades in high regard. perhaps some other members can comment on performance.
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