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Lost a good brush.

Sadly my Squibb's Beard Tamer has lathered it's last soap.

Rearranging my brush rotation last evening when tragedy struck. My Squibbs brush was just too close to the edge of the shelf, it slipped off. I tried to catch it but it was too late, it was gone!

It fell two feet and bounced off the vanity with a smack then onto the floor, hitting the floor, one piece went that way another this way! The ferrel had broke in two. Not a smooth break more like an earth shattering jagged edge break with chunks flying! I will never forget the noise it made when it first hit the vanity, my heart sank, so sickening!

Sadly the other brushes witnessed this tragedy first hand. They may be traumatized? Time will tell.

On a good note I was able to save the two band badger knot, silicone is your friend!

So giving the old brush a rest in the project box for a while and will see if I can make it look decent enough for display someday? Was a real good brush!

Pic is from a few days before the tragedy.

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