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Looking to upgrade my badger - suggestions?

I have the Edwin Jagger you're looking at. My wife gave it to me as part of my "starter" set for Christmas. Given that I have no other experience with any other brush, I don't know if my input is the least bit valuable, but I'll give it a go.

The brush seems really well made, nice feel, good, thick/dense knot. Handle is a bit light weight, and for the first couple of uses it shed slightly. Smelled like a freshly bathed dog for about a week, now it smells great. I've been using it with Col Conk soaps, and from day one I have had zero issue generating an amazing amount of luscious lather.
It seems slightly stiff, but not irritating. Like I said, nothing to compare it to. It's done an amazing job exfoliating and preping my beard. My ingrown hair issues have literally disappeared in the last three weeks. I credit the brush for a lot of that improvement. I will say it is maybe a little more stiff than I like if I have to shave within 24 hours of a previous shave. My skin is more tender, and doesn't need that same level of scrubbing. I may be looking for something softer for those occasions when I can't give my face 36 or 48 hours.

All in all, I'm very happy with it. Feels amazing, huge lather, looks really nice. And very affordable. I'd buy another in a heart beat.
I haven't used the ones you got posted, but I gotta say my all time favorite is my Frank Shaving 22mm knot Pure Badger. Only 14$ plus shipping. I really like they way Frank Shaving brushes are made. The bloom, the knot density and loft. They feel just right to me. I've only tried their Pure and Synthetics though , so I can't say what the other grades are like. Pure is my grade of choice because to me Silvertip retains too much water and lather for my personal taste. I like my 14$ Frank Shaving way more than my 40$ Omega Pure.
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