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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Apr 10, 2019.

    I want to try Tiffany for Men, No is du Portugal by Creed, and Chanel pour Monsieur. Who has used these? I looking for pros and cons.
  1. I dont think Tiffany for Men is made any more.
    Creed BDP is amazing huge thumbs up
    Chanel PM will be the cheapest of the lot.
    I tried it in a mall and found it a bit generic
  2. I have both the current version of PM in edp and an older version of the edt concentrée. Enjoy both of them and glad to have both. I also have Creed Bois du Portugal and it's really nice. I don't know anything about Tiffany for Men. Between the other two, BdP would be the one to select first.
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    Creed Bois du Portugal is classic. Woody oriental. Powerful and masculine. Some would say a bit old-fahioned. Luca Turin rather famously opined that it and New York by Parfums de Nicolai were very close. I more or less agree. I love them both. I have not really been keeping up with "scents as a hobby," so to speak. But there was a time when I would have said Creed BdP was a must try scent if one was getting into scents at all, or certainly a must try among the Creeds. I may be out of touch at this point.

    I do not know the Tiffany and do not remember the Chanel.
  4. The only one I have experience with is Chanel's Pour Monsieur and i really like it! Opens with a fresh citrus blast before the cardamom enters the picture finally setting down into a classic chypre base with LOTS of oak moss. This is, of course my experience with my 70's vintage bottle. The newest stuff (EdP) is still VERY nice but with way less oakmoss (but still listed in the ingredients) and the cedarwood and vetiver being replaced with with simple woody and vanillic accords. Don't turn your nose up at the Eau de Parfum... It is well done and I love it but anything pre-barcode/pre-greendot is, well, STUNNING if short lived but EdP lasts 10 hours on me...
  5. Bois de Portugal is one of my favorites. Also a favorite of Frank Sinatra’s.. that should tell you all you need to know!

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