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Looking to purchase first higher end razor help.

Support modern skilled machinists. Support the wet shaving industry in general. Provide personal satisfaction to it's owner (maybe, subjective).
Also, and this is the real answer and the only answer that matters: People liking and wanting high end modern razors doesn't need to have anything to do with whether or not they are "better" than vintage ones. If I buy a Wolfman, it doesn't mean I think someone's Toggle is crap, it just means that I wanted the Wolfman.
This guy gets it!
Spending in an high end razor worth only if it will fill specifics needs.

1. Efficiency

Do you want a closer shave? Have a particular coarse beard? Have a super sensitive skin?

If you have regular whiskers, probably a mid tier razor will be good enough. High end razors in other way can be offered in a wide range of gaps, so if you need a super mild or extra aggressive, that’s the way.

2. Finish

Do like a polish look, a industrial look, a exotic material, patina, a specific colorway?

There a lot of options in terms of material, finish, etc.

3. Shave angle

That’s is not mentioned often. Do you shave steep, neutra ou shallow?

Karve CB is a shallow angle razor, Overlander neutral to steep. Get a razor that works in the angle you like is important. I like shave steep, if I buy a shallow I‘ll be constantly “fight” with the razor.

4. Handle

Do you like short, medium or long handles? Do you want a specific aesthetic?

5. Weight

SS or brass razors are heavy if compared to Zamak razors.

6. Exposed blade tabs

Do you prefer covered blade tabs or not?

7. Adjustability

Personally, I think adjustability is overrated. Few people really change the setting during shave. It have more moving parts to fail and are more expensive.

Final thoughts

a) Maybe it’s wise to play with some mid tier razors before buy a over $200.00 razor. A Gamechanger 84 or a Lupo will step up your game. It’s more efficient than a 34HD and you can try a SS razor without spending too much. Karve is a good option too (the B plate maybe is too mild), if you don’t like, you can sell without a big loss. Although, I didn’t like adjustables, a vintage adjustable Gillette could be a good one to find what you like.

b) High end razor are fun if you get exactly what you want. They shave well and are well built. Try a mid tier first. Maybe you will stop there, or not. I would try some razors first before get a really expensive one 😁


The point is that you need to understand precisely what you are looking for.

For me, adjustability etc were fine until I figured out that I prefer ‘mild/moderate’ razors…

Finally, I settled on a polished SS Wolfman WR1 which killed my RAD! :thumbup1::thumbup1:
This guy gets it!
Agreed.😉 I have a ton of vintage & straights, and quite a few modern razors, some qualifying as, "premium."

I own a Karve CB with multiple plates, but not the Overlander. I rarely reach for the CB because it is so darn good- no challenge, no particular finesse needed, just good dependable shaves. I understand that the Overlander is a good mid-range (between all the CB plates) and I doubt you would be disappointed.

I may end up with a Tatara. It's a bit nuveau for my taste, but I can see the minimalist-industrial appeal.

Either would be an excellent choice, both would be gratifying to own. I like heavier razors & more traditional design, so I would vote for the Overlander.
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