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Looking for volunteers - new scent!


The Captain has been at work on another aftershave and is ready to collect feedback on it.

The scent is almond, straight up.

Currently there are a variety of aftershaves in our store - Bay Rum, Lime, Land Ho! (Fougere), Cat O' Nine Tails, Sandalwood, Nor'easter (menthol), and Venture. There are a couple of scents that we have been at work on, one of which is this one.

This is a legendary scent in Italian men's grooming products and for good reason, it just works. So if you like Almond to begin with and would like to receive a free aftershave sample to evaluate just post this: "I'm in."

We will let this run a bit and then have random.org select maybe ten volunteers. This is CONUS only please.

Here is what you will receive: One 4 ml. vial of almond aftershave which is enough for several uses.

Here is what we ask: Give it a try and then come back to this thread and post your thoughts. Like most of our aftershaves it has a mild scent strength. It is there but not dominant and is not likely to last more than a half hour or so. This leaves room for customers who will be using a cologne following the shave.

With that as background if you would like to have a chance to be selected then by all means post accordingly.

~ The Captain
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I'm in. I have two college age sons living at home due to pandemic, and would gladly provide two more perspectives from one sample.
I'm in! Almonds are a steady part of my breakfast diet, just like Cella and Stirling's Almond Crème lip balm are for my face.
So nice of the Captain to have another one of these sample/opinion things. As much as I would like to participate, I must refrain this time around since I have been too fortunate in the past in being selected. I will be watching for everyone else's opinions though.
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