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Looking for vintage gillette

Hello folk,

Sorry if I have posted this on the wrong forum.

I am looking for a 1960's vintage gillette slim adjustable.

I am scouring ebay for this, but thought I might post on here to see if there any in good condition for sale.

The reason why I want this one is beacuse I found out recently that my grandad owned one.. So it would be nice to have a similar one..

I live in the uk and I am willing to pay shipping costs...

If anyone or any vendors out there are looking to sell then please PM me...


post in wtb/ mall

Thanks for the info... But unfortunately I dont have permission to post on that thread/forum. (needs 50 posts or more)

Thats why I posted it here..

It doesnt matter that much If I cant get one..

I'll keep searching ebay..


You have to have 50 posts to sell items, but you can post in the want to buy section and you can purchase items that are listed for sale no matter what your post count is.
What thread???

What just happen?

Oh never mind, guess I must just be imagining things..........

But why do I feel like I want to sell a slim?
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If I didn't know that was a neuralizer K was holding I would think it was something that uses AA batteries.
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