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Looking for video I saw here

I think it linked to the Straight Razor Place forum.

It was that one where the guy was in the kitchen boiling his brush and then rapidly shaved off his goatee with a straight.

I take some ribbing about my shaving efforts here at work because of all the cuts I had on my face when I started and I would like to share that one for some laughs.
I used to think this video was insane, but I've now developed a style somewhat similar to this. I'm a lot gentler on my chin, though!
I've read comments posted on other forums regarding this video. I find this video fascinating to watch, regardless.

- Jason
He did do the shave, but man, did it look rough. I see he nicked himself a couple of times too. I sure wouldn't want to shave with a straight, or any other razor, that fast. :thumbdown
If you read the thread on SRP, the guy that made that video joined and commented a few times. Kind of interesting. He boiled the brush knot(it doesn't have a handle) b/c he doesn't have hot water.
Willi is the gentleman's name in the video. He logged onto an SRP thread, introduced himself, and made comment on the video in question. "Heiß" is what he says in the video, I believe it means "hot", or something along those lines.

- Jason
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