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Looking for the stainless steel / titanium adjustable razor to replace all the razors that I have


My exploding razor knows secrets
Is it true that it's not possible for the user to disassemble it though? Could cause issues if in 50 years or what have you blackland isn't around lol though I truly hope so :)
Razors are simpler than cars or watches. Being able to keep the option of disassembly and cleaning is often not a bad thing for consumers.

Rex Ambassador mentioned that the razor is repairable for life, so I also went to the website to register for purchase information.

However, considering the limited scale of the wet shaving market, I am not sure whether the manufacturer can really last a lifetime. I still learned from some information and tried to disassemble the razor.

Luckily, even though they used screw glue, the razor isn't difficult to take apart, it just requires a towel and a little more force.
an you all pls suggest which adjustable should I look for.........Ease of handling and longevity is the key.

All are easy to handle and will outlast the user.

Osprey Ti is quite accessible. Read reviews about the range of settings. My understanding
was that it's adequate for most shavers but some diehard fans of aggressive razors wanted
little more oomph in the upper settings. Not bad with a 20% off discount coupon.

Taiga Ti: there is a workaround to purchase from them that involves one of their associates
on Telegram. Very legit from what I've read.

Rocnel Ti: Like buying a magic carpet from what I understand. Guy charges whatever he wants
without any real connection to reality. The SS model I have is great.
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