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FT Looking for the right glass bottle

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Hey gentlemen of B&B, I would like to offer a trade of a tub of Oleo Soapworks Irving Park in the duck fat base (scooped twice & lathered once) for an empty Fine Platinum aftershave bottle (it doesn't have to be empty but I do need the bottle & label to be in good shape), specifically the one like this:

Here is a picture of the soap I will trade:
2018-10-25 22.05.41.jpg

PM me or respond here if you've got one to spare & would trade for a good soap. Thanks B&B!! CONUS only.
Either way, brother. Auction stuff has me running circles.. Think that 318guy is a stand up dude. But I found one half full bottle if you still need it. O/w I'm happy keeping it..
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