Looking for synthetic brush recommendation.

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by ike, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. ike


    I have two synthetic brushes, a Simpson Chubby 2 and a Simpson Duke 3. These are great brushes for using a painting stroke (Simpson even recommends this stroke), but I am also interested in a synthetic brush that I can do circular strokes with like I can with my Simpson super badger Persian Jar 2.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. I like my razorock 400. They have 2 different knots. The noir is a little less dense
  3. I like Yaqi rainbow brush.
  4. I really like the Stirling 2-Band synthetic. I probably use that brush more than any other.
  5. ike


    These recommendations are for brushes that can be used well for circular motion rather than just painting strokes?
  6. Yep. That’s how I face lather with my Stirling brush.
  7. ike


    Good to know, thanks!

    By the way, do you have the 51 mm or 56 mm loft?
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  8. I just got a Yaqi Sagrada, 24mm tuxedo knot & have used it 3 times. I face lather in a circular motion with it. So far, I've enjoyed it a great deal.
  9. ike


    Thank you all for your suggestions! I ordered the Barber Handle Plissoft synthetic knot from Italianbarber for the princely sum of $13. If I like it I may buy more, if I don't well, then I'm down $13 bucks. I wasted more on bad wine. :)

  10. The Stirling Tuxedo is nice.
  11. I do have a Yaqi 26mm I love. If you have a soap you want to kill fast, that's the brush.
  12. Load it like you hate it!
  13. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    705.jpg Razorock $20 Great brush
  14. I wished Stirling sold that handle with a Cashmere knot. Would look amazing, like the boar one.
  15. There are alternatives for this. You could buy the brush and steam the knot out and replace it with a Cashmere or send an email to Rod to see if you could buy just the handle and then set the knot in it... You can get the Cashmere from APShaveCo pretty cheap.
  16. I just bought a Synthetic brush from APShaveCo on Etsy, they seem to have a nice selection of brushes.
  17. I have a WCS tortoiseshell synthetic that I love. The handle is awesome and it's a great size for face lathering.
  18. meliahog

    meliahog Contributor

    RazoRock Silvertip synthetic
  19. Why don't you join the Synth brush pass around box found in the stickies of this sub forum? You'll get a chance to try a bunch of brushes, and then decide what you like, before you buy.

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