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Looking for Summer AS

I am looking for a summertime AS. For the winter aftershaves I enjoy a Bay Rum or Special Reserve. Unfortunately I have no place to go and test AS near me, other than the newer $yuppie$ varieties. Also, being in Canada I do not have the variety for order that the US has.

I used to enjoy the old Blue Stratos. but the scent of the bottle of new that I managed to get from Australia is not up to my memory. The old is described as;

Top notes: Lemon, lime and bergamot, quickly caught up by lavender, geranium and a light patchouli. Initially it smells very unisex, powdery; like 'posh soap' and bath cubes. It broadens out, however, and becomes somewhat richer and deeper, with a slightly creamy edge to it. It's a very clean smell, but softer and with less punch than e.g. Tabac, even though it sometimes mimics parts of that fragrance's aroma.

The base notes settle into woody vanilla, with faint citrus and florals still discernible. The scent is well-rounded and becomes mellow, quite refined and more masculine during the transition between middle and basenotes.

I also would like it to have a bit of staying power.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations. Because of shipping my only sources are Italian Barber, Fendrihan and Amazon
I’d also check out Top of the Chain and Stonefield Shaving, both are based in Canada and top notch. Top of the Chain has the best selection in Canada I’d say.

In the summer, my top 3 AS splashes are Dr Jon’s Savannah Sunrise, A&E SoCal Hipster and Stirling Coconut Lime
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Top of the Chain sells samples of Stirling soaps and aftershave to try. Some people don’t like the label of SoCal Hipster but it smells amazing and the Kaizen base is top notch
PAA sells samples. At a buck a pop it's a cheap way to test a scent.

I prefer lighter scents (citrus, spicy, or aquatic) for summer. Heavy scents (like leather, wood, and smoky) are better IMO for winter.
Anything citrus forward, and also lavender. A couple good examples I have and like: Fine Italian Citrus, Fine Aquamarine, Fine Lavender (discontinued), B&M Reserve Waves, Clubman Citrus Musk, WSP Citrus Blast. Honorable mention: Proraso Green and clone PAA Awesome Sauce.
Thanks fellows. The Clubman Citrus Musk is an easy order, so I included it in an order I needed to place with Amazon. I need to choose some new soap so when I figure that out I will include a Fine or A&E (or both) in that order.


Like @OkieStubble said, if you like Bay Rum for Winter, a Summer-y Bay Rum is a good bet. You may also want to consider an aquatic scent. There are a number of those, Stirling has a few good ones that work for Summertime. Two that I have that my wife loves are: Deep Blue Sea and Triumph. Triumph, by the way, has Bay in it according to the description of its scent profile:
A manly scent of sea notes, citrus, bay, and a touch of complimentary floral notes. Inspired by Paco Rabanne's Invictus.

For me, Bay Rum works year round...any of them, Lime or otherwise. If I could get my hands on Goodfellas' Smile Abysso, I'd get it...but it doesn't seem to be available in the States. That's my favorite aquatic scent.
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B&B membership has its percs
Amazon has two of my summer favorites - Osage Rub & the Florida Water that was already mentioned
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