Looking for something that smells like Proraso splash

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by jkh, May 8, 2011.

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    My special lady friend (i.e., my wife) has really come to like the way I smell when "wearing" Proraso aftershave splash. So, I am looking for something more staying power that is a dead ringer for the Proraso splash.

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    A Google search turned up Body Kouros as an option in a bassnotes thread. Unfortunately, the thread was discussing both the Proraso cream and splash, so I wasn't sure it if BK smelled more like the cream or the splash?
  3. How 'bout a Halls cough drop? To me they smell exactly alike!:lol:
  4. I've never used the Proraso aftershave, but if it's anything like the cream, Lacoste Booster might work for you. The top notes include eucalyptus and menthol, the main ingredients that give Proraso its scent.
  5. Unfortunately, you're not likely to find something long lasting that smells like Proraso. Proraso's scent is eucalyptus and menthol, both of which are pretty volatile scents that evaporate quickly. To my knowledge, there just isn't much you can do to get around that.

    Same reason there's no such thing as a long-lasting lime scent-- too volatile!

    But I hope someone has a workaround for you!
  6. Like the previous poster noted, eucalyptus and menthol usually burn off pretty quickly.
    To me, cypress wood has an astryngent quality similar to eucalyptus and menthol. So, I suggest sniffing some lalique encre noire to see what she thinks. I suspect that she'll say that it smells nothing like proraso but that it smells fantastic.
  7. This has been on my "want to try list" for some time. You just put it closer to the top. Thanks.:tongue_sm
  8. Strategically, it might be best to NOT find a cologne smelling like Proraso. The association with shaving might serve you better, especially if you want to convince your wife that spending money on shaving is a good thing.

    I would recommend instead to ask your wife to help you find a good cologne having nothing in common with Proraso's AS
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  9. ???
  10. You could try using techniques that help to make the scent last longer such as using JoJoba oil on your skin before applying the scent.

    Applying scent to hair and pulse points.

    And getting the cream and soap, and layering the scent.

    But from what I know of the stuff it will do little to prolong the scent.

    I believe the stuff was made so as not to interfere with the wearers cologne.
  11. Not following you there.... :blink:
  12. The Bath & Body eucalyptus and spearmint body spray is similar IMO. If it doesn't last long enough for you/her, just apply another squirt!
  13. The scent of Proraso AS is unique in my experience. I like it too, but it is fleeting. You could try using more, or putting some in an atomizer and layering it onto your chest and clothing.
  14. i have bought many items due to my new found love for shaving...so many products....and everytime i go back to proraso splash (like i did tonight)...i think to myself how great it is and how i could be happy just using that splash and maybe speick splash as my two splashes.
  15. You're not alone in this regard; those are my favorites as well. But we all need a healthy dose of Clubman and Bay Rum every now and again!
  16. I know that this is an old thread but I have found a new edt which I think matches very well with Proraso Green. Geo F Trumper Paisley edt does the job beautifully and the scent lasts a lot longer than Proraso.

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