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Looking For Some Feedback on (Stirling) Sandpiper

I have Sandpiper only in the bath soap, mainly to sample the scent, but that may not be enough as the scent is very weak in the bath soap. I THINK(?) I like it a lot as it seems like a very earthy but clean, mellow frag? But I am not sure I am getting the full effect in the bath soap? I am very cautious before buying anything in the A/S where you will get the full effect and may have been misled by the soap? Anyway, I may try it in the shave soap next to try and get a better indication.

What do you guys familiar with the scent think of it and what other scent would you compare it to, if any?
I have the shave soap and love it. I'd suggest ordering a sample puck for $3 to get a good feel for it. For what it's worth: I have mountain man in both bar soap & shave soap. While the scent is identical in both the shave soap and bath soap, the scent is much more prominent in the shave soap vs the bath soap. I think this is a trend w/their products as I noticed several reviewers on their site commenting on the bath soap scents not being as prominent as the shave soaps. Hope this helps.
Though I've never had nor tried Sandpiper I can vouch for what @izzybackyet462 has already put out there about the difference between the bath and shave soaps. I have 4 main shaves soaps in Bay Rum, Barbershop, MITA, & Noir and have tried or used all the same in the bath soap and can say that Noir is the only bath soap that didn't have much scent at all. The others all have been pretty good scent wise and i have went through multiple bars of each scent to date. I've also had both shave and bath soaps in the Spice scent and those were both spot on for scent but the bath bar was weaker but still very good...
I tried a Sandpiper shaving soap sample in the past and found it to be moderate to strong as far as scent is concerned. To me, the fragrance was along the same lines as RR Santal Royale. I've used Stirling's bath soaps (Mountain Man & Pig Trail) and found both to be moderately scented so YMMV.
I have the AS, shave soap, and bath soap in Sandpiper. It's my favorite of all their scents.

The bath soap muddies the scent some like all the stops do. The aftershave is clean, masculine, and for me the cedar base comes out more in the aftershave than the soaps.

If you like the shave or bath soap, I really encourage you to get the aftershave. You won't be disappointed!
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