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Looking for some bay rum samples

Like the title says. I'm looking for a few bay rum samples. I have zero experience with it but would like to give it a shot. I'm looking for something that's free or extremely inexpensive. Thanks in advance fella's
try some Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum it's like $8 or less smells good and has a decent longevity not to mention nice little burn. If its to much burn cut it with witch hazel....
Vintage Avon's Bay Rum is really nice, though I have little experience with this genre. I obtained mine on ebay.
Barclay Crocker sells sample kits .Look here

Yep - the cheapest and most diverse BR sampler I've found. It was their BR sample set that got me hooked on the St Johns BR colognes.

If you sign up for their newsletter, Caitriona regularly offers $1 shipping, too. Sadly not for us outside the US, though :)
Have you tried Garry's Sample Shop? Check the Vendors section for more details.
He has a few samples of Bay Rum Aftershaves to choose from at great prices...
FYI: He currently is offering a 10% discount for B&B Members!

I have tried a couple of Bay Rum's and really like the Captains Choice... But also have a Homemade Bay Rum Aftershave brewing... there are a number of threads discussing Homemade versions. I don't know if the homemade version would be the cheapest option - at least to start, but if it turns out good, you will already have lots of the ingredients to make more.
I've tried 8 bay rums and bay rum variants:

Captains Choice
Captains Choice Cat o' Nine Tails (a bay rum variant that's a bit "darker and mysterious")
Ogalala (bay rum/peppercorn/lime version)
Layrite #9

My favorites are Captain's Choice Cat o'Nine and Kramoerts.

Captains is a pure splash that heals and has a long lasting (4-6 hour) scent.

Kramperts is more of a balm (but is not at all sticky) that heals and lasts 2-4 hours.

As mentioned, Garry's sells samples of many of these. You can also ask the good vendors like West Coast Shaving or Royal Shave for samples when you place a decent size order of other items; request the samples you want and they'll send you what they have at that time. Finally, Captain's Choice offers a sampler set of its 3 splashes.
Definitely try Garry's Sample Shop. Also Ogallala Bay Rum. Can't say enough nice things about John at Ogallala. He has a sample pack of his soaps and always sends additional samples with every order. Thats how he managed to get me hooked on their Bay Rum body soap too!
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