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    There are so many stores/shops online. I'd really like to buy from some place other than Amazon. What are some well stocked store suggestions that aren't overpriced, with good customer service and preferably product list that can be sorted by ratings. I value other customer's opinions!
  1. This is easy to me there are 2 places that have most everything.
    Maggards razor and West Coast shaving. Both have great service and most everything you need. WCS has free delivery!! Italian barber has really good prices and a good Italian selection. Stirling soap is a fantastic company they only offer there product but you can get thing s there you can not get at the other places!! They also give you a free sample on every order. Many Many Many great thing s out there pace yourself and stick to a budget. It can get overwhelming.
    Take care.
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    The first three mentioned are the online vendors I buy most of my stuff from. Good companies with great selection, decent pricing and outstanding customer service.
  3. Only one i've used is Italian Barber and i'm not looking to change that. Relatively local to me so nice to keep the money in the neighbourhood.
  4. I've found good to great deals on West Coast Shaving, Maggards, Groomatorium, Grownmanshave, Italian Barber, Smallflower and Ebay. It all depends on what you are looking for.
  5. I usually buy most of my items (soaps, brushes and razors) directly from the makers as I've gotten pretty selective about what I use and I don't find myself buying an assortment of things anymore.

    Blades I get from Amazon or Ebay as I find them to be the least expensive there.

    I've purchased items from West Coast Shaving, Maggard's, Italian Barber and to a lesser extent Bullgoose in the past and would do so again without hesitation if I were looking to buy multiple items from different makers and wanted to combine the shipping.

    As far as the opinions go, come to a shaving forum for reviews and opinions as opposed to reading Amazon reviews. Amazon reviews are extremely helpful for most products, but with shaving products they almost always miss the mark completely. They are the worst when it comes to this.

    Reviews on vendor sites as well as the stores recommended above are usually a bit generous. I wouldn't buy anything based on a review there either. Do your research on the forums instead. If you need a recommendation I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. Just send me a PM.
  6. The superior shave.

    While it doesn’t meet some of your criteria....
    All the products I’ve gotten from there are on point.
    soaps are brilliant, esoteric selection
    Great customer service
    Fast shipping
    Bunch of Simpsons soaps and Merkur on sale right now.
    I like to support Small business
    Owner/ proprietor has savant like shaving knowledge
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  7. Maggard, West Coast, Shaving ie, Connaught.
  8. I mostly go with Fendrihan and Italian Barber because they ship from Canada and I avoid paying duty, get quicker delivery, cheaper shipping, etc. Plus Fendrihan has fountain pens and inks.
    Thrift shops for accessories (like improvised lather bowls) and the occasional vintage brush or razor.
    My local drug stores don't have much of a selection, but they all carry a few staple items like Mennen Skin Bracer, which I cannot do without, and Williams Mug Soap.
    Etsy can have some interesting custom brushes.
  9. Top of the Chain in Canada is outstanding to deal with - Carmine is one of the best I have dealt with in terms of customer service. Their prices are in Canadian dollars so it will convert to less USD. And there is free shipping at $60 CAD purchases.
  10. Where are you located? If you're in NYC or Chicago, Pasteur's and Q Brothers are worth a visit (and a car and/or mortgage payment).

    Maggards, WCS, IB are all great also.

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