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Looking for recommendations on cheap new brush

I received a Stirling synthetic as a gift and it works very well.
I decided! I went with the Semogue 1470 that @SterFry mentioned. It wasn't the cheapest at $13 but it has a wood handle. Hopefully it lasts me years and when it dies I can just throw it (or most of it) into the compost.
I also snagged some soap, Ogallala Bay Rum and Sandalwood, because it was cheap (notice the theme!). I've never tried it, so please don't tell me if it's terrible.
Thanks all for your recommendations!
This was and is the right answer IMO. I love Omegas, but the Semogue 1470 is my favorite boar at any price.
Hi, I'm relatively new to DE shaving, but I've used brushes for a long time. Well, I used a single brush for decades that fell apart this morning. It was a boar bristle, pretty stiff, but I don't mind.
I'd just run up to the store and pick up a new brush, but I discovered that everywhere that sold them before (Walgreens, Meijer, Sally Beauty Supply, Fred Meyer) stopped selling them in recent years. So now I have to actually seek out a brush online.
Can anyone recommend a cheap but surprisingly good brush? I like boar but would do synthetic.
Omega 10049 is a good, affordable boar brush. I like boar too because when those ends start splitting the brush just gets softer and better. I think Omega is doing something new to make the break-in time very short. I've had my 10049 about 8 years. It is not my only brush though so I don't use it daily. I don't know how long it would last as an only brush. I believe modern recommendations are to have at least two so you can rotate them and let one dry completely maybe. I know if you daily rotate two pair of shoes they last MORE than twice as long.
All the best on all your endeavors.
You have experience with Boar brushes so I’ll recommend an inexpensive brush that is awesome and will provide years of great lathers.
Omega 10049 Pro Boar.
And if you really want to make your great brush last a long time, grab a second one…my recommendation Omega 10102 (also has the Pro Boar knot).
Don’t let the big lofts and large size worry you, these are great.
Sorry GNR. I just now posted an echo of what you wrote only I was more wordy. I hadn't read the responses yet. So hats off to you. I think you gave great advice [emoji106]
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If starting out shaving and not sure what to buy, I think the best one to try is synthetic with a 24 mm tuxedo knot because it covers a lot of important ideal charteristic's a person wants in a brush to start out with IMO. Excellent lather generator, soft tips, nice scrub and excellent lather painter & 24mm knot is not a lather hog.
Also synthetic brush dries quickly when towel dried and left out in open air.
The natural hair brushes are also excellent but when just starting out a person has enough learning curves to dial in and the synthetic brushes are just a excellent experience in performance and cost.
This is what a Tuxedo 24mm tuxedo knot looks like & a few examples. (Black whiskers with white tops)
Yaqi #1 Tuxedo knot Sagrada Familia 24mm (4).jpg Yaqi #1 Tuxedo knot 24 mm with black marble handle. (4).jpg
Have some great shaves!
Sorry GNR. I just now posted an echo of what you wrote only I was more wordy. I hadn't read the responses yet. So hats off to you. I think you gave great advice [emoji106]
Great minds think alike*.

* I got a waiver for the great mind.
Razorock keyhole Plissoft 22mm, or Razorock Bruce Plissoft 24mm. Well worth a look. Two of the best brushes I’ve ever used regardless of price. If I had my time over again I’d buy these two and a Zenith chubby scrubby.
I’ll keep everyone posted! Store is in Adrian, Michigan, so it should arrive soon.
So I’ve had a chance to use the brush a couple times and I think it’s going to work just fine. It’s nice and stiff and I’m sure it will get less stiff but I don’t care either way. There’s a roughness I like that tells me it’s mixing it up with me bristly stubble. No problem lathering and plenty of residual slickness to touch up after a pass. Plus it’s small! I didn’t know I wanted a smaller brush, but using it I appreciate its size, as I can avoid creating hills of lather in my ear or hair or chest.
The wood is a tiny bit slippery but it’s wood, so that will pass. All around I’m very happy. Thanks everyone!


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A cheap Omega knot removed from old brush and placed into a resin handle ( Chinese) - epoxy glue used.

Resin handle cost less than $10 U.S


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