Looking for lime scent

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    Looking for lime scent.
  1. What kind of lime? Pure lime? Lime candy? Lime Cologne?

    What other properties are you looking for in a soap?
  2. Razorock Essential Oil of Lime. Very ‘Limy’ and $4 right now at IB. IB also offers ‘What the Puck’ in lime scent. I have it as well. It’s a hard puck, but also a great value if you buy all 3 pucks.

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  3. Sterling’s is great and Taylor of Old Bond Street is great Also.

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  4. It's out of stock at the moment, but Eufros Lima Especias is wonderful! Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic also isn't a bad choice if you're looking for the lime and menthol combination. Eufros has menthol also, but a smaller amount than MITA.
  5. Wholly Kaw Lav Sublime!
  6. emwolf

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    Captain choice has an interesting Lind
  7. There are quite a few to choose from but 2 that I like are Truefitt & Hill and Crabtree & Evelyn
  8. I really like Cold River Soap Works Limenthol.

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  9. soapy bathman tropical lime
    meissner tremonia dark limes
    mystic waters lime
  10. beginish

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    St Charles Shave Lime is excellent.
  11. I agree with 'What the Puck’ in lime scent. Got the 3 puck special they had recently.
  12. Stirling Lime or Mike's Lime. Best two as far as straight up lime goes. Ymmv
  13. I love Stirling's lime.
  14. I've tried quite a few lime soaps. Mike's Lime is my favorite.
  15. shocked no one said colonel conk........I'm a fan! You can get it cheap, and it's subtle yet still there with the lime scent.
  16. try Uncle jon's Lime up....impressive
  17. Snurgblat

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    I enjoy Turtleship Lime shaving Soap. Very slick and nice scent.
  18. Fan of Castle Forbes Limes.

    It is a cream but I find you need next to nothing to make a bowl full of lather. Also, it is 200gr jar.
  19. I really like PAA Coconut Bay with Lime. Of course its not a straight lime scent, but the coconut, bay and lime pair well together for a really nice profile.

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