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Looking for info on 4ply cashmere turtlenecks

I am looking for goods leads about where to purchase online a reasonably priced (+/-) $300 good quality 4ply men cashmere turtleneck.
Thank you.


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I have become a big fan of North Sea Clothing sweaters.

Obviously not cashmere like the OP asked about, and much thicker than 4-ply ... but for me, wonderful. On the other hand, if the OP wants a turtleneck for wearing under a sportscoat or suit jacket, then Northsea won't really be the best choice.

I wonder if the OP would consider expanding his search to high-quality merino as well? Just a thought. (Much of the less expensive cashmere out there is of suspect quality, with shorter hairs that keep the initial softness one expects but the fabric very quickly succumbs to pilling. Equally priced merino is far more satisfactory in performance, even if not as super-soft.)
Thank you for your answer. I will study your suggestion. Where should I look for good merino turtlenecks? By the way, and excuse my ignorance, what does it means OP?