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Looking for High Quality, Mild, and efficient

I have acquired a small den of razors. So far my favourites are my Gillette Rocket, Gillette New LC, and the Slim (still working on the perfect setting). For a really smooth, one pass shave I can use my Parker A1R, but it is a tricky one that will bite if you are not careful.
Since you're looking for "high quality," and already have a stainless razor, I'm going to recommend the AS-D2. I get very close, comfortable, irritation-free shaves with my Feather, every time. I am still inclined to recommend a Gillette NEW or Tech over any current production razor, but the Feather sounds like it meets all your criteria and I think it would be a great choice.
Before you go spending a whole lot of money on a new razor, first I'd start by trying to swap the S2 for an S1, M1, or M2. If that's not an option or doesn't work for you, I suggest giving the Maggard OC head a try, it's only $11. I haven't used it but I do have a Merkur 41c which seems to be an identical head with exception of the Maggard having a brass bottom plate. My Merkur 41c is a great mild shaver that still does the job in three passes. For best results you may need to pair it with slightly sharper and smoother blades like GSB, Voskhod, PolSilver, etc...

Seems like the feather is the way to go.

I just had another shave with my Slim, 4 passes (the 4th was just trouble spots) and not one bit of irritation. I just picked up a slim from Delta Echo, and will probably buy each razor that I don't have that was recommended in this thread! lol. Because having one simply is not enough. I'm thinking of putting the S2 bar up for even trade, but I will see how my Delta-Echo's shaves go, Still waiting a few more days.
the feather looks like a gillette tech. Can any owners of both comment on the differences?
The Shave Craft 102 fits all of your points and is not that costly - a new production run is supposedly about to be available.


Well, I have been using my ATT slant S2, but I been getting some razor burn, I think it's my blades, and my technique. I'm going to hang it up for a while, but I would like something high quality and mild, but efficient. Is that crazy talk? LOL
Since you are already using modern SS, I suggest considering the Wolfman. Terrific razors of the highest quality. I have the WR1 (SB) which I find in the Mild/Moderate range and Extremely Efficient. Also Forgiving. For me this is a destination razor!


Since you have everything you need, just buy or trade for the S1 plate. I have both the S1 and S2 and find the S1 a lot smoother. The Feather AS-D2 is very mild. If you don't find it aggressive enough you can shim it. The B&B Market Place often has the Feather razor available and that would save you money.
the feather looks like a gillette tech. Can any owners of both comment on the differences?
They are similar. My pre-war Tech shaves closer with fewer passes. The Feather has far superior fit and finish if that's a priority for you. The Feather has a longer handle and is heavier, which I don't prefer over the shorter, lighter Tech. If I could only keep one I'd keep the Tech.
I'll second the Ikon #102. Just had my first shave with one today and it IMHO fits your description perfectly. I'm waiting on a Wolfman and from everything I've read, it fits the bill too. The 102 should be easier to get...as soon as they're back in stock.