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Looking for Gillette Atra type handle


Can anyone suggest a good one with a textured grip? The originals are hard to find and I have the Col. Conk one from west coast shaving, which is very good, it just doesn't have any grip to it due to the smooth metal. Or is there a way to spray a rubber grip on it? Any ideas please.

Thank you

They made later versions that are more similar to new cart razors. i.e They have more "grippy" looking handles. They not for the "purist" Atra collector, but they are probably what you're looking for. They may be called a Vector or something like that. I think I've seen them on fleabay. Go there and do a search for Atra handle

Edit: I checked e-bay. The razor I was thinking of is actually called a Gillette Vector Plus. They seem to be like what you're looking for. Says "fits Atra"
They're very low-priced too. Looks like a bargain.
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The originals with textured metal handles aren't all that hard to find on eBay, but you can expect to pay 2 to 3 times more for one of those than a new one.
Then there are the NOS textured plastic handle atras, which are IMO pretty reasonably priced. (edit: well shoot. when I was trying to sell my plastic handle, I saw new ones all over the place. Now I don't see them.)
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