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Looking for Enders SE blades

I picked up an Enders travel razor the other day and I've been searching online for SE blades that might fit this little beauty to no luck.
Can anyone help?

These take a proprietary blade which is no longer made. Good luck, but it seems like a stretch. Maybe you'll get lucky at an antique store or ebay.
Over the years, there were many Enders models. Some of them were made by Christy and in the later years they were made by Durham-Enders. There was more than one blade design, but to my knowledge, all of them were of unique shape. I'm not sure that you will find any of the blades on the market today except perhaps NOS Enders, Christy or perhaps Keen-Kutter blades.

Did your razor come with any blades, even old used ones, so that you can determine which style you need?

I got a silver plated Enders in pretty good condition and was disappointed that today's blade wouldn't fit. I looked at the Ted Pella web page because they have lots of Single edge blades in quite a few shapes and sizes but noe of them matched the measurements I nade of the razor.

I did see a blade pack on eBay for $10 including shipment but when I got them despite saying enders on the pack the blades were not the right size/shape.
I was lucky enough to score an Enders razor complete with two sealed packs of blades.:biggrin: The razor shaves quite well.:wink:Sort of a cross between a Gem and an Injector,although very lightweight. Some Christy and Keen Kutter razors have an identical shaped head but the blade notches are different.
i have ONE enders blade if youd be interested. its free of wrapper though.

Thanks, but I think this little darlin' is just destined to go on the display shelf.
I would hate to get one or two blades and find that I really love this thing only to be disappointed later when I couldn't find anymore of them.
It a neat little razor and the price was right, so it's not a total bummer.

If you had the right tools and an engineering degree,you might get close.:wink::biggrin:Finding nos blades and honing and stropping them yourself would be a more realistic option.:smile:

Actually putting the enders razor on a shelf and staring at it for the rest of your life is the most realistic option.

I know for sure that I have some Enders blades at home. I'll check them out this evening. The box may even be unopened. And I may have more than one box. I always put my vintage blade finds away and forget about them. I need to go through to see what all I really have.
The blades I have are the Enders Speed Blades made by Durham Enders Razor Company. It says, "FIT OLD STYLE ENDERS RAZORS AND ENDERS SPEED SHAVERS" on the back of the pack. There are four of the five blades remaining and they are in excellent condition. They are folded up in a protective sleeve. Pretty cool. The box is in excellent condition and also contains a folded order form for Enders Shaver Sets (98 cents) and Blade Packages (25 cents).

I'll see if I can scan a few pictures.
I just shaved with an Enders using a regular old Schick injector blade. Felt just like using any other injector, but it worked.
Really?? Hmm...I've got some Schick injector blades at the house. I'll have to try that out.

The one I found had what looked exactly like an old inj. blade in it, except with two holes rather than the oblong slits. Trick is to let the blade drop down to just above the teeth - it should pretty much seat and center itself - then replace the clamp or whatever you call it, while holding the blade in place with your thumb. Once the clamp was back on it held the blade in place just fine. Let us know how yours does.

Edit - there is not enough clearance from the sides, but it occurs to me now that if one is REALLY careful, he might be able to front load the blade over the teeth and under the clamp, without removing the clamp. But I dislike inj. shaves so much I don't think I'll risk epidermis to figure it out.

EDIT 2: Tried to front load it this morning, and it did so just fine. Touched up a couple spots I missed last night; not sure why but it was preferable to the usual injector. Noticed a couple teeth are slightly bent but didn't seem to affect anything.
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I saw your request for durham-enders razor blades. I have 12 boxes with blades in sleves. The package is red. These say DUPLEX and were made in Mystic Conn.
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