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Looking for electric razor recommendation

Hello everyone,

while I prefer wet shaving with a DE razor, my skin isn't in it's best condition so I try to do a wet shave once a week only. I want to use an electric razor to trim my beard within that week so it doesn't grow too long, gives me a hard time with the DE razor.
I'm not looking for a BBS shave at all, just something to keep the length in check without irritating my skin further. Price should be max 100€, I don't need anything fancy. But it would be nice if it works for the body too.
Can anybody give me a recommendation? So far I'm eyeing the Philips OneBlade, seems fairly cheap and the blades should last long if I only use it like once a week.
I just got a OneBlade for trimming around a goatee. Seems to work well for detail work around my goatee. Not as close as a DE, but close enough. Prior to that I was using a cordless Andis Foil. Again not as close as a DE, but would probably work well for in-between DE shaves if you don't have a mustache or goatee to trim around.
Well, sounds like I have to get the OneBlade. Is there any notable difference between the original and the 360 other than that you can change the angle on the 360? From the looks of it the key features are the same, just a different handle (BT has no display). There seems to be a version of the 360 with Bluetooth but I don't really care about that.
The 360 is useful because it actually does follow facial contours (you don't change the angle, it just swivels), so arguably provides a more even and comfortable shave, but the original is similar to a DE (or SE or cart) with a fixed head and most users don't have a problem manipulating a DE handle, so depends on what you're looking for - I seem to recall that you can also just buy a 360 head for the standard OneBlade. Both are relatively inexpensive in the larger shaving world. I think some 360 models may also be used with a charging stand, which is an added convenience feature, but again not absolutely necessary.
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Never tried a OneBlade but I believe the others. My two electrics are the Panny Arc-5 which is an uber electric and a cheap sub $50 Norelco which is easily 85% as good as the Panny. Just one I choose the Panny.

For trimming like you do the Oneblade is probably the way to go.

My electrics sit in a drawer, unused, unloved. I just like wet shaving more. And, no! I will not use an electric wet with soap. Tried and hated it. Unlike with a blade for me, which means shave after a shower when the whiskers are swelled up. For electric, I hate that. Shave before the shower, lubing the beard with Williams 'Lectric shave. If I couldn't have Williams, I don't think I'd use an electric. But I've found electrics work better for me on the hard whisker vs the inflated soft whisker.

So if you get the Oneblade try it after and before a shower to see which you prefer, and I'd get some Williams.
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