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Looking for a travel razor/case

So I would like to put together a travel kit. I'm not against just picking up a case if someone wants to recommend a cool case. At this point I have no razors that have come with cases, as many vintage ones do. Thus, this might be a good point in time to pick up something vintage with a case.

I'm pretty much open to any suggestions, I'm not stuck on one thing. I like a variety of razor feels, and although I tend to prefer an aggressive razor, I'm the kind of guy who could shave with a piece of broken pottery and be fine.

So throw me suggestions! Some vintage options that come with a case? A cool case to throw one of my favorite currently owned razors in? A modern day razor that comes with a case?

And I guess the big question is, should I look into a Gillette travel tech? From quirky kits with faux leather cases, to popping them in a mini Altoids can, it seems like the fact that they are made for travel is pretty obvious. But do they perform well?

And as always, pictures are welcome! I'd love to see any travel kits or travel razors!
The Supply 2.0 is a injector single edge razor. It was my first intro into wet not cartridge razors. A leather travel case is sold separately, which I purchased but no longer need.
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If it's a 3 piece, I think the vintage Gillette ABC pocket edition cases are the most gorgeous ever.
Basketweave is my favorite, followed by the Empire pattern (more coveted, bottom right) cases.
They came in silver, gold and more rare gunmetal color. The inserts are easily removed and re-covered if found in poor shape (top left) It's the plating to look at... they were triple silver plated, so odds of finding an "ugly black case" on the cheap are good.
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I made a travel case out of a tin from a puzzle I bought at Dollar Tree and that I then lined with a sponge (with portions trimmed out to fit my razor and a tuck of blades) and to which lid I affixed a mirror.

I was looking for a picture I took of the travel case earlier but couldn't find it. I'll take another picture later and add it to this thread.

Incidentally, I initially made the case to fit a West Coast Shaving razor (with a WCS 88S handle) but I have since replaced the razor with a Lord L5 as it's lighter and more travel friendly.
Here are some pictures of my travel case. Please note I am the least handy or artsy person who ever lived. If someone with more skills had the same materials, I'm sure he would be able to make it look much better.


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I have some cased vintage razors, including travel razors, but they are too nice for travel. So, I use a portable hard drive case like this when travelling. It can hold any razor I want, including a TTO, or a three piece assembled or disassembled, plus some blades. As a bonus it is apparently made out of 'bullet proof kevlar' so it could prove to be a life saver 🤣

For a three piece razor, a Khaki Type travel case is ideal for me. Spearhead Shaving makes my case (pictured). Razor Emporium also makes one which I have not used but it also looks good.

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