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    I've tried a sample of the Grey Vetiver and it's one that I do like. Was looking for something more niche though with a bit more staying power and maybe a bit more complexity. I do like the Creed fragrances that I've tried so I may purchase a couple Creed fragrances in the future as well.
  1. The pictures you take are absolutely amazing. Every time you post a pic I'm like wow. The bright colors in this one are outstanding.

    I'll look into the Taylor's though I'm not sure where to go to procure a sample as it's more of a shaving world product than a cologne world item. I suppose cheap enough to just buy a bottle at some point though.
  2. In reading some have referred to the Cuba Gold as a Le Male clone. I've smelled the Le Male and it's a nice summer type of scent that's fairly popular. The Cuba Gold is dirt cheap so I may pick some up if I see it at the local Ross or TJ Maxx stores as I think I've seen it at one of those stores before. The Cuba fragrances in general seem to get a good amount of praise, and when you factor in their price point they're kind of a no brainer.
  3. Interested in the Virgin Island Water. The Bvlgari sounds interesting and while discontinued seems to be still available. I read
    • Top notes- Sicilian mandarin, essences of neroli. Heart notes- rich water. Base notes- Indonesian patchouli olibanum. Ifactory family is woody, aquatic and citrus
    and I do have Terre de Hermes that's a favorite which covers the woody citrus for me. Not sure how much this one differs as it mentions aquatic in there as well.

    The Chrome scent is the only scent my brother in law wears so I'm steering clear of it. I do like it and would consider a purchase if they wasn't the absolute only scent that he wears. Still a nice clean fresh scent though and I do like it. Not sure how the Chrome United and other scents differ from the standard version that he wears but unless it's way different I'll likely leave it alone as well.
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    Thx, David, pm and I’ll mail you a sample with my compliments if you like.
  5. Cool. I concur that TF gv doesn’t have the best staying power at least on my skin too. But it’s a nice light/unobtrusive scent.

    Let us know what creed fragrance you go with. I also have some aventus. It projects more and lasts longer on my skin. Curious if it’s the same with you on other creed fragrances.

    The only other fragrances I have much experience with is Acqua di Parma. But that doesn’t sound like what you are looking for. AdP scents I personally enjoy (particularly for work) but not very complex and minimal lasting pn me.
  6. Will do, I've tried Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Mayfair, Royal Oud and Neroli.

    I really liked the Aventus but honestly I have a hard time shelling out the cash for that one considering that there are several clones that aren't all that far off. I know that the actual Creed version is definitely better but if I'm spending that kind of cash on a cologne I kinda want it to be unique. I've been wearing one of the Aventus knock offs (AB Lomani Silver) to work frequently over the past couple years, and I'm almost through the bottle. I ordered a bottle of Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man to replace it as I've heard that it's a better Aventus clone and it should make for a nice inexpensive office fragrance. It should arrive on Wednesday so we'll see.

    Green Irish Tweed isn't one that's for me. To me it's a bit too bright to the point where it gives me a bit of a headache. Not sure why but it just doesn't work for me. I know it's hugely popular but I won't be purchasing this one.

    Mayfair I like a lot and the wife likes it too. Will probably pick up a bottle of this one.

    Royal Oud I'm quite fond of as well. Definitely one that I'd consider buying as well. Probably will at some point.

    Neroli I didn't dislike at all, I just liked Mayfair and Royal Oud a lot better.

    I've tried a Silver Mountain Water knock off and liked it but not enough to pay Creed prices for it so I'd have to try and actual sample of the Creed version before shelling out for a bottle of that one. Still it would have to be quite a bit better than the knock off as I liked the knock off version but it's not a must have for me.

    I'd definitely like to explore more of the Creed fragrances.

    The Amouage fragrances I've tried a few of and they last forever on me, even it the hot Arizona sun. This is another that I'd like to explore more of their line. I was thinking Sunshine, Bracken, Figment, Beach Hut, and Reflection are some that I'd like to try. I've tried Jubilation XXV (bought a bottle), Epic and Lyric from them so far. Thinking Sunshine or Beach Hut might be a nice summer fragrance.

    As far as staying power the Amouage is about the best I've found so far but the Creed fragrances last through the day and well into the evening for me. Or at least the ones I've tried have, so no problem there at all.

    I tried a few from La Labo and really enjoyed Rose, The Noir and Bergamot. Well enough that I might purchase these at some point but they certainly are pricey and since they are made to order there doesn't seem to be any place to pick them up cheaper.

    I have tried Acqua di Parma Colonia from two different samples and while I did enjoy the scent it lasted a very, very short time on my skin. We're not talking in 100 degree weather but in an air conditioned office. So that's one that I'm not sure is for me. There are other Acqua di Parma versions I'm told that last a bit longer so maybe I'll have to explore those at some point.
  7. Terre de Hermes is a heavier, denser fragrance than the Avqa Amara.
    To my nose, Chrome United is much different than standard Chrome. United is a softer, sweeter, slightly fruity scent. There's no mistaking it for the original Chrome.
    Out of the five Chrome versions I've smelled, Chrome and Chrome United are by far my favorites.
  8. If you like lime I would recommend Virgin Island Water. It's my go-to summer frag along with Mugler Cologne.
  9. Thanks, that helps though I must admit that in reading some reviews I'm more interested in the discontinued Aqua Amara that you recommended than the Chrome offerings. But I will stop into one of the fragrance stores in the mall the next time that I'm there and see if they have a tester that I can smell.

    The Virgin Island Water does seem like one that I must try at some point.
  10. Here's what I've bought recently:

    This one arrived a couple days ago:
    Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man (said to be the best of the Aventus clones). Slightly different opening as the pineapple is replaced by another citrus type note but after about a half hour it gets very difficult to tell it apart from Aventus.

    These are still on the way:
    Creed - Royal Mayfair - A classic fragrance, woody, citrus rose, really great stuff and a must have for me.

    Mancera - Cedrat Boise - This stuff is great, a soft lemon along with some floral and vanilla. A really well done scent.

    Zara - Vibrant Leather - citrus, patchouli, leather, woody. This one I haven't smelled yet but it's an inexpensive one that I bought after a couple good friends recommended it. I'd intended to order it before starting this thread and it just came back in stock.
  11. Ok, some other updates.

    Going to buy:
    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Pour Homme - this one is outstanding. I have a sample here and I'm going to buy this one soon.

    Tried and liked but maybe not enough to purchase
    Creed - Bois Du portugal - tried it and like it but the wife didn't like the old person vibe that she got from it.
    Amouage - Lyric Man - I've tried this one and like it but prefer other rose scents over it, like MFK Lumiere Pour Homme and Le Labo Rose 31 for example.
    Creed - Aventus - with all of the knock off versions of this I have a hard time buying a bottle. Outstanding cologne though. I'll likely talk myself into a decant of this one at some point.
    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver - have tried this one as well. I did like it but not sure it's a must have for me. A really nice clean fresh scent though. I think I have a sample of it that I can revisit.
    CUBA Gold - smelled this yesterday and for the six bucks it costs it's a steal. I held back because I don't want to accumulate a lot of stuff I don't absolutely love, but I may go back and pick it up. Pretty decent.
    Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza - tried a sample and it lasted only a few hours on my skin. Too bad as I did like the scent.

    Tried it and not for me
    Nautica Voyage - I had a bottle of this and PIF'd it as it wasn't for me.

    Want to try
    Taylor's - Victorian Limes
    Creed - Virgin Island Water
    Tommy Bahama St. Bart's set sail for Men
    - This one seems to get a lot of praise so I might have to visit it.
    L'Occitane's Cedrat - will find the next time I'm in a L'Occitane store or the next tine I reorder their Cade balm.

    Skipping for other reasons
    Azzaro - Chrome - skipping as someone close to me wears this exclusively.
    Azzaro - Chrome United - I realize it's different enough from Chrome but I'm kinda looking for more niche fragrances as well as opposed to dept store ones.
    Bulgari Aqva Amara - being discontinued makes this one difficult but it seems to be well liked. I found a sample for $14 and a bottle for slightly more. Don't really want a $14 sample of a $30 cologne. Still tempted on this one though.

    Still researching
    Perry Ellis 360 red for men - have seen good reviews on this.
    Mugler Cologne - This is one I haven't tried but would like to. I'll find a sample of it and give it a try.
    Ferrari Bright Neroli
    Cologne Indelebile
    New West
    Ambre Sultan

    So that's where I'm at so far if anyone who made a suggestion was curious.
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  12. Caswell-Massey Centuries Verbena - a fresh, bright blend of citrus and herbal notes with an earthy dry-down. Crisp and green with all day smoothness. Sounds good to me. The ability to buy it in a .5 oz bottle is nice as well.
  13. It is nice they have smaller sizes now.
  14. I wish that they all did this. It's nice to buy .5 ounces for $25 than to shell out $150 for a large four ounce bottle. I can't help but think they'd sell more this way, or at least more by way of blind buys. If I try the small one and love it then I'd consider a large one when the small one was gone.
  15. It has good longevity.

    Veberna and lime are my two summer C-M edc.

    Lime is not as "stick around". Sometimes I use both. Lime for the scent and Veberna for the kicker.
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  17. Hadn't thought about that one. I do like the Arlington soap scent and assume it's the same. How is the longevity on it?
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    The soap and the cologne have the same scent. I'd say that the longevity is about eight hours.

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