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Looking for a slant

i have been wet shaving most if my adult life and six months ago returned to de where I started. Presently shaving with a 34C and a R89 and I want to try a slant. Considering iKon k3 or 102 and the Razorock stealth or DCN (may be using incorrect letters). Any suggestions.
You will get many suggestions from fellow members but for the money the Razorock Slant 37 is very hard beat IMHO.
If this is your first slant, definitely go with the RR German 37. Excellent clone of the Merkur 37c. If you have a razor handle already, you can get the head only for $12 or whole razor for $20. Very efficient and comfortable shaver.
I have a Merkur 37c and it is okay. It is a good razor. I never understood the appeal of the slant though. Look forward to hearing what you get and your thoughts.
A Merkur 37c (picked up in a vintage store for $3) marked my return to DE shaving in 1999 after having adopted my grandfather's Gillette DE (since lost to the mists of time) in the mid-80s. Unsophisticated about these things, I wasn't even aware it was a slant until I'd used it for a couple of weeks—and at first I thought the slanted bar was a manufacturing defect until I recognized it was symmetrical. :001_rolle

The Merkur slant lay at the bottom of my shaving supplies box for years until it resurfaced after a recent move. It shaves much more brilliantly than I remember it doing. Then again, I may never have used a Feather blade in it before its resurfacing.
There is a 37c passaroumd happening now, search 'travelling slant'. You might be able to try one before shelling out the bucks.
a slant cuts better than a regular razor , all my so called dull blades gets moved over to the slant and they have a New life , i am very happy With my merkur 39c and the maggard slant top .
I purchased the Razorock Slant 37 and find it shave closer and easier than either my 34c or R89 but with more irritation. I went from needing three passes (WTG,XTG and XTG) to (WTG,XTG) can't shave ATG. I have tried three different blades Personna Blue, Treet, can't remember the name of the Russian blade. First timeout I cut myself with the Personna and with either blade get irritation on my chin area (always a difficult area for me to shave). I need to improve my technique but happy with the razor.
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