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Looking for a lavender scented soap

Hey guys,

I am very new to this wet shaving thing, and also new to this wet shaving forum thing. I have always enjoyed the scent of lavender and was wondering if you gentlemen could point me in the direction of a soap that would have the same scent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
What Chris said is true. Tons of lavender-scented soaps.

If you want an outstanding lavender-scented soap at a reasonable price point, check out www.thegentlemensquarter.com. You can buy a sample puck or a smaller puck to check it out first, if you like.


I find that "The Art of Shaving" has one of the BEST scented lavender.
There is a great artisan shave soap in Lavender by My Time Bath & Body.
+1 QED. Barclay Crocker has a great Lavender aftershave balm and it is priced so reasonably.
I like the DR Harris Lavender soap the best, but have to say that it isn't a 'true' lavender scent. Probably the best, most true lavender (having the scent of straight ahead lavender EO) shave product I've sniffed was Castle Forbes lavender shave cream.


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AOS Lavender cream works great, but the scent is almost non-existent.
Have not tried AOS soap.

I know the TOBS Lavender has a great smell, and it works very well.
If you want to treat yourself there is also Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake. I haven't tried the soap but the cologne is a very pleasant lavender.
I like lavender soap very much and back in the day when I could get it, English Lavender and Old Spice were the only soaps that I used. Today I use TOBS lavender and find it to be an excellent product in all respects. Good luck on your search.

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Benton Clay makes a great Lavender soap. It smells like it has a little bergamot or something in it to give it a slight spicy scent. It smells absolutely amazing.
The only disappointment with lavender soaps is that most have little scent longevity, even me that can care about scent thinks it doesn't last long enough. I think mostly because many manufacturers usually gear the lavender to being for sensitive skin.

D. R. Harris and AoS have some of the best performing soaps out there but one that is below their performance is Taylor's of Old Bond which scent is more pronounced but it has a very synthetic scent to it. YMMV
My time bath and body's site is temporarily down but will reopen soon hopefully I like her Bulgarian Lavender


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Reasonably priced, ~$15: D R Harris
High priced, >$25: AoS
Ridiculously priced, >$35: C&S

I can live with that selection.
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