Looking for a Few Good Men..... The $1 Razor Challenge!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by GlazedBoker, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. GlazedBoker

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    Alright. Here it goes Gents.

    I happened to go into a dollar store on my business trip out into the Midwest and found these beauties for a $1 apiece. Made of die-cast metal and SS handle :001_huh: (of what particular metal, I have no clue), stamped or molded. They are all tto (butterfly) style razors and they each come with a razor and a 5 pack of SS blades. Quality of the razors look ok to my eyes (they’re a $1 gents, can’t expect Wolfman, Timeless, Blackland, Charcoal Goods etc. type quality here. They’re made in China. I was happy that the tto mechanism actually worked) but there will be some alignment issues and perhaps a door might have to be gently realigned into there holes. I had to slightly turn one of the doors on mine to have it close properly. And I had to fiddle with getting the blade aligned right to get an equal amount of blade exposure and straightness on both sides.

    How did it shave? Not bad actually. A 3 pass DFS this morning with very little irritation. The blade was not a top 10 feeling blade in sharpness or smoothness (maybe even top 20), but it did what it was supposed to do. It shaved and I was satisfied.

    Here is the challenge:

    1. Shave with the Razor & Blade combo in the pack for a full week. If the blade is too uncomfortable, switch it out and use your regulars. Just post here that you made the change and why. I still want you gents to have a comfy shave, if you can.

    2. Post your results and thoughts on how it performed as a whole during your shave, good or bad, we’re just having some shaving fun here gents.

    3. If the shave is too uncomfortable or you just can’t get it to shave to your liking, pass it along to perhaps a member here who would like to try a cheapie and take on the challenge.

    What’s required? As long as you have facial hair or whatever parts of the body you groom (the Misses can try to if she dares, that’s on you though) and can post your thoughts here in this thread on your experience and results, you qualify. Don’t care if you signed up this morning and don’t know the difference between a tto and a 3 piece, or you’re an Immortal member of the 4ever Wetshavers He-Man Woman haters Club. I mean that......

    Hi Sign......

    I can only take 11 volunteers. So, it’s first come first serve rules here Gents. Just say “I’m in” and pm me your address. I’d like to get all 11 in asap so that I can ship these all out on one trip to the Post Office. I’ll cover shipping costs to the original 11. For those that didn’t make the first cut, stay tuned. Maybe someone in the first group would pif it on to the next participant if they so choose and if the razor stays in one piece.... :001_tt2:

    Good luck to all and have some shave fun.......:shaving:

    Hi Sign....


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  2. Any pictures of what the razors look like?
  3. Great challenge I’m in.

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  4. Fun challenge! Not in though.
  5. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Yes... Sorry Gents.
  6. LOL! Ok, I am always up for something new and possibly challenging. I'm in.
  7. Great challenge, but when you say "few good men" that ain't me. Good luck to the few, and hope it doesn't get fewer.
  8. nemo

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    Yikes! Some serious alignment problems while still in the package, not in.

    Sounds like fun --- or not.
  9. Oh Tay!
    tenor (2).gif

    I'm in!
  10. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Lol! That’s the one that I used, on the far bottom left. The door was just off it’s hinge. Snapped right in though. Sure don’t want to try? Plenty left.... :ihih:
  11. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    So far....

    1. ED3054
    2. bdehne
    3. imatabor
  12. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

  13. I'm up for the challenge, I'm in!
  14. Grundi

    Grundi Contributor

    I'm in!! This looks like great fun!! Thanks, @GlazedBoker!!

  15. For a buck, what could possibly go wrong? I’ll give it a go, I’m in.
  16. I enjoy a good challenge so I'm in.
  17. Not in, but what store did you find these in?

    (I have a $3 Chinese Tech clone that I still haven't used. A $1 TTO is just too much danger for me.)
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  18. I'm too scared. [​IMG]
  19. I’ll enjoy this from the sidelines!
  20. giphy (27).gif

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